Monday, August 3, 2015

Faux Romper

Rompers are all the rage this summer and I have none.  Which is okay by me, I just have not found one that I not love.  I did order this romper since it's on sale and additional 50% off and this one from Target with my obsession with palm print.  I am hoping that one of these may work out for me.  

It's starting to heat up here so I still have a few months of shorts wearing days left for this year.  I remember when I was a kid I used to wear matching shorts and top and it was so cute.  I had originally ordered this J Crew top and wasn't really thinking about buying the shorts too.  Then they were on a huge sale (under $30) and I could not refuse. 

I had not thought of wearing the two together but then figure it's sort of like a romper but easier for bathroom situations.  I originally wore it layered with the orange eyelet blouse but when I stepped out and took the pictures -  I was dying of overheating with so much clothes.  So back in the house I went and eliminated the blouse.  

Have you jumped on the romper trend? Which version of this outfit do you like more?

P.S. - Don't forget to enter for your own gift certificate towards a Jord watch here.

J Crew Polynesian Floral Top and shorts, Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair, over 40 Fashion, What to wear for GNO

Fashion Over 40, OC Blogger, Pattern Mixing, Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair, J Crew Polynesian Floral

Pattern Mixing, Summer outfit,  Over 40 Fashion, OC blogger

J Crew Notched Shell in Polynesian Floral (last worn hereSame on clearance
J Crew Polynesian Floral Short Same on Clearance
The Limited Eyelet Blouse Similar
Jord Sydney Watch Same
BaubleBar Crystal Mason Ring Same
Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair Shoulder Bag Same
Prabal Gurung x Target Lace Up Heels Similar

Jord Watch, Bauble Bar Crystal Mason Ring, Pattern Mixing, Fashion Over 40, OC Blogger

Jord Sydney Watch, BaubleBar Crystal Mason Ring, J Crew Polynesian Floral Short

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Too Close for Comfort

I was debating about sharing a story with you that does not have a happy ending but thought it maybe a good lesson for all of us so I will share it with you today.

Last Sunday (like every weekend), I was having a nice afternoon nap.  And please tell me you all nap too because my hubby thinks it's crazy that I am not under the age of 4 and nap.  I was awaken by a ton of fire truck sirens.  I didn't really think much of it because there is a fire station about 1/2 mile from my house.  But then it sounded really loud so I decide it was time to wake up and see what's going on.  

I peeked through the windows and saw a bunch of people standing across our little street but didn't really see anything else.  I was still a bit groggy but figured out I should head outside and see what's going on.  

I open the door and I looked out and the first thing I saw a BIG BLACK CLOUD of smoke right in front of me.  There were about 6-7 fire trucks on our street.  The way that our development is setup we live on small alleyways with a set of 6 houses (3 on each side) and  we share a backyard brick fence with the neighbors.  The house that was on fire was across my alley right in the back of one of my neighbor's house.

I immediately called my hubby to let him know how close the fire was.  My son was getting his swim lessons and it didn't make sense for them to come home since there was nothing they could do.  The fire department responded right away and was in position to stop the fire from spreading so I didn't really think that our house was in real danger.  Let me tell you, seeing a fire this close to your home just creates an immediately feeling of fear that your house will burn too.  Especially since it was a bit windy that day.

Luckily, my neighbor escaped with a few bruises and they weren't harm but their house is uninhabitable.  I remember going to a fire show a few years ago and the firefighters did a demo to show how quickly fire spreads in a few minutes. The fire fighters were incredible and put the fire out within 1/2 hour but the entire house was burned.  The only additional damage was my neighbor that shares a back yard wall with them (a few melted and shattered windows which is pretty minor in grand scheme of things).

The fire was started by an electrical shortage that ignited the curtains and it just spread from there.  My message to you today is to develop an escape route and meeting place in case of emergency and make sure you have a fire extinguisher at home.  We do no have a plan or extinguisher and this has since changed.  I think we all don't think a fire could happen to your home but it really can happen to anyone.  

pattern mixing, OC blogger, J Crew Factory pencil skirt in green multi geo, Kate Spade New York Henry Lane Aburee Purse, J Crew Elsie cracked leather pumps

So now back to some light fashion talk.  I received my Jord watch for review a few weeks ago and have been wearing it non stop.  I really love the natural color of the wood and the weightless feel of it.  The wood makes it an interesting conversation piece and I love that they use sustainable wood to make the watches.  

I am so excited to be hosting a Jord giveaway.  There will be 3 prizes ($75, $50, and $25 value) to use towards your own watch.  Please see below for entry details.  Good luck!

Over 40 Fashion, pattern mixing, OC Blogger, J Crew Factory pencil skirt in green multi geo, Kate Spade New York Henry Lane Aubree Purse

Outfit Details:
J Crew Factory Printed Drapey Sleeveless Top Same
Banana Republic Cardigan Similar
J Crew Factory Pencil Skirt in Green Multi Geo (last worn hereSame
J Crew Necklaces SimilarSimilar
Bauble Bar Crystal Mason Ring Same
Kate Spade New York Henry Lane Aubree Purse Similar
J Crew Elsie Cracked Leather Pumps Similar
c/o Jord Syndey Watch Same

Jord Sydney watch, BaubleBar Crystal Mason Ring

Jord Sydney Watch

Luxury Wooden Watch

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Wooden Watches Men

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up: Gladiator Sandals

So this week's Throw Back Fashion item is the gladiator sandals but I've got so much to talk about with this outfit.  So let's talk about these sandals...they are so comfy!  It's funny how the most expensive shoes does not equal to comfort.  My two most comfortable pair of shoes are both from Target and are under $50 each.  I like that these looks flat but there's a tiny wedge to make walking in them totally doable.  

Now on to the dress, can I say this is the softest dress I EVER owned!! It's simple and can also be used as a beach cover up too.  The chambray on this is just so soft to the touch.  I highly recommend this for a great summer dress.

And lastly, let's talk about this fringe purse.  I have been wanting a this purse but was not willing to spend a lot of money on such a trendy item.  I find that when it's something trendy, it makes total sense to shop at fast fashion places like Forever 21 and H & M.  I don't shop much at either places but the other day I accidentally went into H & M and peeked around and stumbled on this purse.  It was exactly what I was looking for at a fraction of the price.

In case you were wondering if I found anything else at H &M...I did.  Here's what I bought: pretty pattern skirtthis blousethis blouse in yellow and a palm print pencil skirt that I can't find online.  I guess it was a productive accident.

Loft chambray Dress, Sam Libby x Target Arianna Gladiator Sandals, Over 40 Fashion, OC Blogger, Weekend Style

Weekend Style, Loft Chambray dress, Over 40 Fashion

Loft Beachside Chambray Shirtdress Same on Clearance
Sam & Libby x Target Arianna Gladiator Sandals Similar
c/o Jord Sydney Watch Same
H & M Fringe Shoulder Bag Same in Black
J Crew Factory Necklace Similar
J Crew Rose Gold Pave Bracelet Similar

Jord Sydney Watch

Here's a look back to a few months back in May on how I wore this on little boat ride.  Original post here.

What to wear boating

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JORD Wooden Watches

Monday, July 27, 2015

Work to Play: Gingham Dress

I talked about in this post of my obsession with gingham.  I am still waiting for this dress to be restocked but I losing hope.  So what's an impatient shopper that wants everything now do...keep her options open.  I was this dress from the Loft and ordered it when they had one of their many sales.  It does not have retro feel that I wanted but it's so comfy that I don't feel like I am settling.  

I didn't plan to use this dress for work, I was thinking it may be too casual but pairing with a cardigan and it was good to go.  A change of jacket and shoes and I am ready for a day out in the sun.

Pattern Mixing, polka dots and gingham, black and white, Fashion Over 40, OC Blogger

Pattern Mixing, black and white, polka dots and gingham, Fashion Over 40, Work Style, Office style

Outfit Details:
Loft Gingham Gamine Dress (Similar)
Ann Taylor Cardigan Similar
The Limited Belt Similar
Coach Courtney Legacy Hobo Similar
Nine West Bridgider Caged Sandals Same on Clearance
c/o Jord Sydney Series Watch Same
Purple Peridot Bracelets Same & Same
J Crew Bracelet Similar

Jord Watch, Purple peridot tassel bracelets

Jord Watch

Gingham, denim jacket, superga platform sneakers

Over 40 Fashion, Loft Denim Jacket, weekend style, San Diego Hat Company

Loft Denim Jacket Same
San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Large Brim Hat Same
Superga Platform Sneakers Same

Jord Sydney Watch, Purple Peridot Tassel Bracelets

Wooden Watches Men

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Floral Fireworks

I am a not a fancy high end wearing fashion blogger, just a gal that loves clothes and want to share it with friends out there that are like minded.  I take an outfit almost daily and it's never anything fancy and I don't dress to pose for photos.  Since I don't post daily, my drafts are piling up.  

So here's 3 ways I've worn this Floral Fireworks top from J Crew.  I picked this top out a few months ago on clearance and it's now sold out.  So I have a question for my fellow bloggers out you try to share your latest purchases with your readers so they can find similar deals?

I feel like I am being a bad friend when I am not sharing my deals but at the same time don't want to appear I always trying to push the latest and greatest purchase. I think part of me don't want to one of those post that captures my recent purchases because then you would know how much I really shop.  And well I am not ready to accept my shopaholic tendencies and how many items I buy and return.  I do keep track of my spending on a spreadsheet and it's an eye opener and will reel in my spend if I went crazy on a month.

J Crew Floral Fireworks Top, Pattern Mixing, Fashion Over 40

Outfit Details:
J Crew Floral Fireworks Top Similar
Piperlime Skirt (worn herehere & hereSimilar
Prabal Gurung X Target Lace up Heels Similar
BauableBar Crystal Mason Ring  Same
Banana Republic Ring Similar

BaubleBar Crystal Mason Ring, Ann Taylor Linnear Rng

Pattern Mixing, Floral and Polka Dots, Midi Skirt, Fashion Over 40, OC Blogger

Floral and polka dots, Floral Fireworks, Fashion Over 40

Nordstrom Halogen Pleat Midi Skirt (worn here & hereSimilar
Zara Heels Similar

Silver, knot ring

Pattern Mixing, Stripes and floral, Fashion Over 40, J Crew Floral Fireworks

Pattern mixing, Fashion Over 40, work style, office wear

Ann Taylor Blazer Similar
WHBM Striped Knit Black and White Skirt Same on Clearance
Ann Taylor Pave Necklace Similar
Loft Knot Ring Similar
Ann Taylor Cuffs SimilarSimilar
Nine West Bridgider Caged Sandals Same on Clearance

Ann Taylor necklace, cuff set

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Throw Date Thursday Fashion Link Up: The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and rompers have been on trend this summer.  I have been wanting a romper but  have yet to find one that I love.  I have had this black jumpsuit for at least 5 years and it has been worn probably under a dozen times.  I have thought about donating it many times but keep holding on  to it because it's a good timeless piece.  

Since jumpsuits are so popular right now, I decided to wear it for date night.  I remember it was super long on me and had this altered and unfortunately, now it it looks funny worn with heels.  The next time, I will try and wear this in a more casual way.  

Even though this jumpsuit is an older piece, I don't have any photos of me wearing this prior to this.  Which just means that it's been sitting in my closet for at least 3 years.  

When you have a piece of clothing that's not worn much but you know is a timeless piece, do you hang on to it? 

jumpsuit, date night, Over 40 Fashion Blogger, OC blogger

Anthropologie pompom belt, black jumpsuit

Outfit Details:
WHBM Jumpsuit Similar
Anthorpologie Belt Similar
J Crew Factory Leather Envelop Clutch Same
J Crew Factory Golden Chevron Bracelet / Crystal Shapes Bracelet SameSame
Banana Republic Necklace Similar
BauableBar Crystal Mason Ring Same
J Crew Strappy Heels Similar

J Crew Factory Envelop Clutch, Sally Hansen Gel Polish

This throw back goes back to 2 years ago.  The top is MIA and the skirt is still in my closet though I haven't worn it in a long time. Original post here.

pattern mixing

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wish List Wednesday: Lace Up Shoes

I love lace up shoes, they always feel so feminine and subtle sexy too.  I have round up a few pretty ones that caught my eye that can be worn now or the fall.  There's some flats in there too.

I have been wanting a pair of flat lace up like the pretty red ones below but while browsing online the Kate Spade booties really caught my eye.  These seem so versatile to be worn with anything.  I am thinking I need these in my closet.

Which one is your favorite?

Shop Alexandre Birman Heels here

Shop Kate Spade New York Booties here

Shop Aquazzura's shoes here

Shop Derek Lam's shoes here

Shop Schtuz's sandals here

This post is sponsored by Shopbop.  Written content is 100% my own.

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