Monday, December 31, 2012

One Arm (Wo)man

Quick - who knows where this movie line is from "It wasn't me, it was the one arm man."  If you guessed The Fugitive, you are right!  I think this has be one of hubby's all time favorite movie.  When we took these pictures, I was not happy with how the skirt looked so in the 2nd photo, I was holding the back of my skirt to make the skirt look more like how I really want it to look.  I am probably being too picky on how the 1st picture looks with the loose material in the front.  

Anyways, when we looked the looks like my arm was missing and of course my hubby quoted the movie immediately.  We have on going joke that we always blame the One arm man for any mischief in the house.  Do you have a significant other that quotes movies all the time?  It drives me nuts since I can't. 

Be safe and have fun celebrating 2013!  See you all next year!

Outfit Details:
The Limited Dress worn as top: Similar
The Limited Belt: Similar
The Limited Skirt: Similar
Loft Sweater: Similar
Amrita Singh Necklace: Similar
Tory Burch Bracelet: Same
Gorjana Ring: Similar
White House Black Market Heels: Similar
Tory Burch Purse: Same

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blog Worthy?

My husband was really reluctant to take these photos because he says there's nothing special about this outfit since it's just a sweater and jeans.  It really is a simple outfit and I love that this sweater's cut is so simple but the lace sleeves makes it oh so special.  

By the way, have you shopped at Modcloth?  I love that when you order from them, they always send you a little gift.  I normally get a headband but this time, I got a cute seahorse necklace.  

Outfit Details:
LC Lauren Conrad Kohl's: Similar
Target Jeans: Similar 
Modcloth Necklace: Similar
The Limited Earrings: Same
Banana Republic Bracelet: Similar
Unknown Black Bracelets: Similar
Me Too Flats: Similar
Tory Burch Purse: On Sale Now

Friday, December 28, 2012

Minty Fresh

Living in Southern California, it's sunny almost year round which I am very thankful for.  So it doesn't take much to keep me wanting to wear cheery colors and pretend it is warm (although I think most of you would say low 60s is warm).   I love these mint capri jeans that I picked up earlier in the year and continue to wear them in the colder months.  I actually prefer to wear my capris with my boots since they don't end up bunching up at the ankle.  

What's your trick in tucking in your jeans into your boots?

Linking up with Two Thirty-Five Designs.

Outfit Details:
Old Navy Sweater: Same
Old Navy Plaid Top: Same
Loft Jeans: Similar
Loft Sunnies: Similar
J Crew Necklace via Ebay: Similar
J Crew Bracelet (yellow): Similar
Groopdealz Bracelet (gold): Same
Loft Bracelet: Same
Matisse Boots: Similar
Tory Burch Purse: Same

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Recap

I hope everyone had a great holiday and will get some time of this week to do more fun things. I did take the week off so I will be short and sweet.  We had a fabulous holiday spending time with loved ones.  It was a really fun Christmas for my son- I think 4 years old is the best age for Christmas since he is still so sweet and innocent and accepts all that you say.  We got our son drums for Christmas and I wanted to share the video with you but I am not sure what I am doing wrong but it would upload and when I try to play it, an error message appears.  So you will just have to take my word that my son' got natural talent.  

Outfit details:
J Crew Factory Sweater (Similar)
Loft Skirt (Same)
Target Belt (Same)
Bubble Necklace via Ebay (Same)
Unknown Tights (Similar)
Boutique 9 Boots via (Similar)
Ann Taylor Earrings (Similar)
Loft Bracelet (Similar)
Banana Republic Ring

Outfit Details:
White House Black Market Sweater (Same)
White House Black Market Top (Same)
Old Navy Jeans (On Sale Now)
White House Black Market Earrings (Same)
White House Black Market Necklace (Same)
White House Black Market Bracelet - Left hand (Same in silver/black)
White House Black Market Bracelet (Same)
Spike Bracelet via Groopdealz (Same)
Ann Taylor Link Bracelet (Similar)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Elf on the Loose

I've never worn colored tights before..this is a first for me.  So why make it plain right?  I went bold with polka dots! I was feeling a little like an elf in this outfit.  It is Christmas Eve and this elf still have shopping to complete and gifts to wrap.  

Enjoy your time with your loved ones and wishing you a Merry Christmas!  

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Top
Loft Infinity Scarf
White House Black Market Belt
White House Black Market Jacket
J Crew Plaid Skirt
Gap Polka Dot Tights
White House Black Market Booties
Tory Burch Bracelet
Banana Republic Ring

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Red Velvet

Christmas time is a lot of fun with a little one around.  My hubby and I look for free local events to attend.  This season we have seen the Christmas Tree lightning at St. Regis, a boat parade, walked through decorated neighborhoods and a Christmas train program sponsored by the local train authority. 

I don't wear this red velvet jacket much but I do love how rich it is.  Not sure why I save it for "holiday" wear only.  Any suggestions on how to wear this jacket in a non-holiday way?

Outfit Details:
H & M Tee (Similar)
White House Black Market Jacket (Similar)
White House Black Jeans (Similar)
Target Belt (Same)
White House Black Market Earrings (Same)
Loft Scarf (Similar)
The Limited Necklace (Similar)
Loft Ring (Similar)
Loft Wedges (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Big Statement

I am totally drawing a blank as I am writing this post.  So the BIG statement is a no statement.  I am totally in love with this statement necklace from Banana Republic which is part of the collection inspired by the movie Anna Karenina.  Since I don't get to go the movies any more, was this movie good?  This sounds like a good book to read so I will add this to my to read books.

I am a pretty avid reader and I do enjoy a good variety of books.  The only books I have a hard time reading is romance and sci-fi.  I must admit that I probably read more James Patterson and Jodi Piccult like books than classic books.  Any recommendation of classic books that I should add to my reading list?

I guess my no statement turned into a post about's amazing how our thoughts can ramble!

Outfit Details:
White House Black Market Skirt (Similar)
White House Black Market Belt (Similar)
Banana Republic Necklace (Same)
Unknown Bracelet (Similar)
Ann Taylor Ring (Similar)
White House Black Market Booties (Similar)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Bouquet of Roses

As promised, here's another holiday look for the office.  By using a more fixed tuxedo style jacket and a satin skirt with sequined top, I felt very festive.  I kept the jewelry pretty simple since the flower on the lapel is quiet a bold statement.  I think sequins just make anything you wear more fun.  Don't you think?

Outfit Details:
White House Black Market Top (Similar)
White House Black Market Jacket (Same)
White House Black Market Skirt (Similar)
H & M Flower (Similar)
Tiffany Love Necklace (Same)
White House Black Market Bracelet (Same)
Ann Taylor Ring (Similar)
White House Black Market Tights (Same)
White House Black Market Booties (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Wear for Work

I am not a big fan of holiday sweaters since it would restrict me to wear it only certain time of the year.  This outfit is my tribute to holiday sweater.  I added a hint of red  and a gold glitter belt to make this outfit festive.  I am going to try and squeeze all of holiday looks for work this week before I go on a long over due vacation.

Outfit Details:
White House Black Market Cardi (Same)
White House Black Market Tank (Similar)
White House Black Market Skirt (Similar)
Target Belt (Same)
White House Black Market Necklace (Same)
White House Black Market Bracelet (Same)
Gorjana Ring (Similar)
Banana Republic Boots (Same)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

If you are looking for a holiday sweater, I found a couple of fun festive sweaters.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Smart as a Fox

I can not believe that it's only 10 days until Christmas!  I am a procrastinator by nature so it's natural that I have not started any Christmas shopping or sent any cards.  In my defense, work has been crazy busy and if I am not working, I am literally running like a mad woman.  

So glad that we have a little one to keep us on our Christmas schedule.  I wore this outfit last weekend to pick up our Christmas tree and decorate our house.  So I guess I am "smart as a fox" for using my 4 1/2 year old to keep me on schedule :)

What's your secret to fitting everything in your schedule? I am so tired...I think I need to hibernate for the rest of the year.

Outfit Details:
Old Navy Sweater (Similar)
Old Navy Polka Dot Top (Same)
Loft Jeans (Similar)
Loft Sunnies (Similar)
Tory Burch Bracelet (Similar)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)
Matisse Boots (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bling Bling

When my hubby took these pictures he told me I had a lot of bling bling going on.  He's right - I rarely wear sequins but I do like to wear them more during the holidays to make me feel more festive.  This outfit is totally not festive but I was hoping to use my top on a more casual look.  

Do you wear save your sequin wears for holidays? or how do you incorporate it into your daily outfits?

On a totally sad note, I went shopping when I wore this outfit and left my long necklace in one of the dressing rooms.  I really like this necklace and will need a moment of silence to mourn for my loss.  .... Not that's complete - I guess I need to find a new replacement :)

Outfit Details:
White House Black Market Top (Same)
Loft Jacket (Similar)
Banana Republic Fur Vest (Same)
White House Black Market Jeans (Similar)
Loft Boots (Similar)
 White House Black Market Earrings (Same) Necklace (Same)
Unknown Long Necklace (Similar)
White House Black Market Bracelet (Same)

The Limited Ring (Similar)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blank Canvas - Part 2

I mentioned in a past post that this blue sheath is my blank canvas.  You can see how I styled this dress the last time by scrolling down or clicking here.
This time I wore my cobalt sheath with an animal print cardi and brown accessories.

Any recommendations on how else I can style this sheath dress?

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Because Shanna Said So.

Outfit Details:
The Limited Dress (Similar)
J Crew Cardi (Similar)
Banana Republic Necklace (Similar)
The Limited Belt (Similar)
White House Black Market Bracelet (Similar)
BaubleBar Bracelet (Same)
Loft Ring (Similar)
Matisse Boots (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Sane)

Last Post:

Monday, December 10, 2012


I've been wanting a leather skirt for some time and have been hunting for one that did not make me look like a "working women" or like I am going to a club.  My rules were simple: not to short and not too tight but just right.  Kinda like Goldilocks.  

My leather Goldilocks skirt was found at Banana Republic.  This skirt was perfect - not too short or tight.  And ohhh the leather is so buttery soft!  The price was just right too at 50% off and some reward coupons, I scored this skirt for under $50!

Do you wear leather skirts to work?  BTW, it's been 15+ years since I last owned a leather skirt - how on earth do I care for it?

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Top (Similar)
Banana Republic Leather Skirt (Same in Dark Brown)
The Limited Jacket (Similar)
Accessories Auction via Facebook Earrings (Similar)
White House Black Market Bracelet (Similar)
Loft Ring (Similar)
Forever 21 Pumps (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

Saturday, December 8, 2012


 I am normally a polka dot/stripes kind of gal but prints add so much fun to an outfit.  I picked up this top earlier in the year from the The Limited on clearance for $10. There's a lot of fun whimsical printed blouses and and sweaters that J CrewOld Navy, and Target offers.  

Are you into whimsical tops?

Outfit Details:
The Limited Blouse (Similar)
Banana Republic Vest (Similar)
Old Navy Jeans (Same) Monogram Necklace Same)
Accessories Auction via Facebook Earrings (Similar)
Loft Bracelets  (Similar)
Armita Singh Ring (Similar)
Loft Myra Short Booties Same)
Tory Burch City Messenger (On Sale Now)

Friday, December 7, 2012


For some reason, these flats remind of ballet flats that ballerinas wear and I wanted to wear a pink tutu with them today.  Unfortunately, I don't own any tutus...although I've been thinking that I need to have a tutu in my closet.  

The closes thing to a tutu for me is my pleated skirt from Target.  I made it just a little bit more girly with the pink flower.  

Do you own a tutu and how do you wear it without looking like a 5 year old?

Outfit Details:
Loft Sweater (Similar)
Target Skirt (Same)
Loft Belt (Similar)
Loft Floral Pin (Similar)
J Crew Necklace Similar)
Tory Burch Bracelet (Same)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)
J Crew Nora Cap Toe Chain Ballet Flats (On Sale Now)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Faux Fur Please

So I blogged about how I am starting to warming up to the faux fur trend this past weekend.  As you can see, here I am wearing a fur collar sweater today.   I think that having the fur just around the collar makes it a little bit easier to fall in love with this trend.  It's not as much attention grabbing but it does add just a bit of fun.  I love that this sweater the collar is removable so you get 2 looks with 1 sweater!  

I recently participated in 40+ Style's 3 Colours + 1 Print Challenge.  I love seeing how other bloggers incorporate colors and print in their wardrobe! 

Outfit Details:
The Limited Sweater (Same)
Ellen Tracy Dress (Same)
The Limited Belt (Similar)
Accessories Auction via Facebook Necklace (Similar)
White House Black Market Bracelet (Similar)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)
Matisse Boots (Similar)
Botkier Purse (Same)

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