Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stripes & Blooms

Besides Polka Dots, my next favorite print are stripes.  I used to think that stripes make you look fat but boy was it wrong.  If placed strategically or sized in the right width, stripes can be very flattering on any figure.  I was drawn to this dress because of it's simplicity and play with stripes.  I must say, I don't any any vertical stripes clothing besides pinstripes...I don't think I see vertical stripes much.

Are you are fan of stripes? 

BTW, if you are thinking about shopping at Loft or Ann Taylor any time soon, be sure to buy a Breast Cancer Card. It's $25 and it's good for 20%-25% off purchases of $100 or more.  It goes to a great cause and you get to save (or spend - depending on how you look at it) some money too.  The card is reusable and is good until Nov 15, 2012.  

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A couple extra pictures to show the pretty pink exposed zipper and the rose blooms on my sweater.

Outfit Details:
Loft Dress (Same)
White House Black Market Cardi (Similar)
Jeweliq Earrings (Similar)
Accessories Auction Necklace (Similar)
Loft Bracelet (Similar)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)
BCBGeneration Heels (Similar)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Uniform

It's always fun to see things from a 4 year old perspective.  Photos today were taken by my little man.  

I don't really have a weekend uniform but the rule is that it's 100% comfy.  My hubby and son are always in t-shirts and shorts/jeans so I always feel over dressed if I wear something a little bit nicer.  So I tend to end up wearing jeans and shorts too.  

For those with a significant other, do you try and dress in similar (casual, preppy, glam out going out etc..) as your other 1/2?

Outfit Details:
Loft Top (Same)
Loft Jeans Same)
Loft Sunnies (Same)
Loft Necklace Same)
Loft Bracelets (Same)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)
Rampage Wedges Similar)
Banana Republic Purse (Similar)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Conference Ready

Every once in awhile, I am let out of my cubicle to mix and mingle and gain some knowledge.  I attended a conference last week and this is what I wore.  It is always freezing cold at conferences so I always bring a jacket to stay warm.  Another must, a cup of warm tea to keep the insides nice and toasty.  

The freebie hoarder inside of me, I picked up all kind of knick nacks. My son was thrilled to get a light up bouncing ball and a light up yo-yo.  How many more chip clips do I need?

Any must for you when attending a conference?

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Outfit Details:
Old Navy Top (Similar)
H & M Jacket (Similar)
The Limited Pants (Similar)
The Limited Necklace (Similar)
Alfani Heels (Similar)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stripes & Leopards

This outfit was inspired by my wedges.  I love the gray background on these leopard wedges which makes them a bit different from other leopard print shoes that I own.  I've been wanting to wear stripes and animal print together and thought this is a safe approach without being too crazy.  

Do you build your outfit around a piece of clothing?

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Outfit Details:
Loft Dress (Similar)
Loft Sweater Vest (Same)
Loft Belt (Same)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)
Loft Bracelets (Same)
Banana Republic Necklace (Similar)
Loft Wedges (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

Monday, September 24, 2012

In the Nude

Hope you weren't expecting me to be posting anything in the nude :)  I scored this dress from Modcloth on clearance for less than $20!  It was such a big surprise when I my package arrived...the scallop neckline and the pretty pleats just made me so happy I got it.  It was such a girly dress and I happen to have a belt that was almost identical color to the dress.

This is my 1st dress outfit that is so close to my skin color...I really did feel like i was wearing nothing.  

Don't you love it when you score a great deal & the item is better than you expected?  Why can all my finds be this good?

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Outfit Details:
ModCloth Dress (Same)
Le Mode Accessories Belt (Same)
Le Mode Accessories Necklace (Similar)
Banana Republic Bracelet (Similar)
Loft Ring (On Sale Now)
Carlos by Carlos Santana Heels (Similar)
J Crew Purse (Similar)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Trip

Last weekend we decided to take a drive and hang out in San Diego.   I wore this outfit to head out to Sea World.  I was thinking that I would bring my cardi in case it got cold in the evening.  Boy was I ever wrong about the weather!  San Diego is a pretty breezy city being costal but it was insanely hot while we were there.  I think it was mid 90s all weekend long.  So this cardi was used only for these photos.

What's your go outfit requirement for sightseeing?

Outfit Details:
Loft Top (Similar)
Loft Sweater (Same)
Loft Skirt (Similar)
Jeweliq Necklace (Same)
Jeweliq Earrings (Similar)
Loft Sunnies (Same)
Mixed Bracelets
Tory Burch Sandals (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same but different colors)

Here are some highlights of our weekend...great food at Bay Fish Company which is only a couple miles from Sea World.  I highly recommend it.  The macadamia nut crusted halibut was my favorite.  Everything was so good that we made sure we cleaned our plates.

A beautiful sunset from our hotel room.  Besides Sea World, we also went to the USS Midway Museum which was heaven for my son.  He loves boats & planes.  It's incredible what it takes to run such a large ship!  Thank you for all that serve and protect our beautiful country! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Simple Sheath

Some things are meant to be simple.  And I believe this dress is on of those things.  

I have been eyeing this baby at Tory Burch since it came out.  I love the simple silhouette and the perfect shade of orange but of course, I didn't love the price.  In August, I got an email from TB for $50 certificate to use for my birthday and the next day, the dress was marked down!  So I would say this dress was meant to be!

Do you have method to stalking a want and taking it home with you?

Outfit Details:
Tory Burch Dress (Same in size 14Similar)
Sam Edleman Heels Similar)
Ann Taylor Cuff (Similar)
Banana Republic Ring (Same)
Gorjana Ring (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


  I am one of those that get really excited for a change of season so I can wear the next season's clothes/shoes.  Then a month in the season....I start missing my other clothes.  Officially we still have another 10 days until fall and I am going to my best attempt to wear bright colors well into winter.  I think this is outfit is a good way to incorporate brights for fall.  

When and if it does get a little bit cooler in SoCal, I can add a blazer and some tights with boots.

Do you have a specific pieces for different seasons or do you try & mix your clothes year round (besides winter coats and bikinis)?  

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Outfit Details:
White House Black Market Top (Same)
Loft Skirt (Similar)
Tory Burch Bracelet (Same)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)
BCBG Heels (Similar)
Tory Burch Purse (Same)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Toga Party

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope you all had an awesome weekend.  Every time I put on this top, I feel like I am headed to a toga party.  Sad but true...I've never been to a toga party while I was in college.  I am not sure if I missed anything.  If they are anything I've seen in the movies, I don't think so.

Do you have a piece of clothing that reminds you of a memorable event?

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Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Top (Similar)
The Limited Skirt (Similar)
Carlos by Carlos Santana  (Similar)
Loft Ring (Similar)
Unknown Earrings (Similar)
Unknown Bracelet (Similar)
J Crew Purse (Similar)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chambray Shirt?

I wore this outfit to meet some out of town friends at Downtown Disney for dinner.  If you've never been to Downtown Disney, you have to park about a mile away from the actual downtown so I made sure I wore some comfy shoes.  

Ever since I've started reading fashion blogs, I've become obsessed with owning a chambray shirt.  It seems to the perfect top to go with everything from suits, to shorts and dresses.  When I was putting this outfit together...I kept thinking...if only I had a chambray shirt - this shirt would be so cute with it.  I search through my closet and found this baby (with tags on it that I picked up from Loft last year).

The color looks chambray but the fabric feels more like a blouse.  So friends I need your opinion...does this shirt qualify for as a chambray shirt?

Outfit Details:
Loft Shirt (Similar)
Banana Republic Skirt (Same)
The Limited Earrings (Similar)
White House Black Market Necklace (Similar)
Gorjana Bracelet (Same)
White House Black Market Rings (Similar)
Banana Republic Flats (Same)
Coach Crossbody (Similar)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Casual Friday

I work in conservative office and today I decided to sneak in some jeans.  I made sure I didn't use skinny jeans (way too casual) and a darker rinse.  

A couple of months ago, I decided to get all of my jeans hemmed and told the seamstress that I wanted to be able to wear them with both flats and heels.   I have no idea what I was thinking because that's total mission impossible.  I wanted to pair these with a pair of heels and when I put my jeans on well - they look like floods.  

So now I am stuck with jeans and flats.  Do you have jeans for flats and jeans for heels?

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Top (Similar)
Loft Sweater (Similar)
Loft Jeans (Same)
Banana Republic Earrings (Similar)
Banana Republic Necklace (Similar)
Banana Republic Ring (Similar)
J Crew Bracelet (Similar)
Sam Edleman Flats (Similar)
Botkier Purse (Similar)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dressing Room Dress Up - Ann Taylor

Today's Dressing Room Dress Up is at one of my regular haunts....Ann Taylor.  I am pretty sure I am their target market... 35+ working professional women.  For awhile, I think they were missing the mark on their styles.  Since using Kate Hudson as their model, they've updated their image and their clothing is more on trend but still classy.

What do you think of these items?

This skirt was too fun not to try.  It was a bit short on me and the sides kind of flew out at you.  This was a pass...I have no idea why but this skirt reminded me too much of the flying nun hat. 

I really liked the movement of this skirt.  It is really fun for a nice evening outing.  But since my outings are typically very casual - I had to pass on this skirt.  Maybe if it goes on super duper clearance :)

Not sure what to say about this dress - no wow factor...just kind of blah.  So it was a pass too.

Love the color of this dress but the sides were kind of weird.   You can't really see it in this picture but there's some kind of cutout slits for the black elastic belt on both sides.  The material on this dress did not have a high quality feel to it.  

So I left empty handed today.  Better luck next time!
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