Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Playing It Safe

On days that I am meeting with clients and doing presentations, I tend to play it safe and dress on the conservative side.  I just want my clients to focus on my presentation and not be distracted by what I am wearing.  Working in a very conservative industry, my wardrobe is not that crazy anyways and I am a pretty conservative person by nature.

I didn't take any photos without the jacket but this dress is actually a great day to night dress.   Obviously, here's my day version.  By switching out some jewelry, jacket and heels - you are good to go!  This dress really hugs your body and is fitted so I recommend wearing some spanx to smooth out any bumps.  

Since I do not have much of an exciting night life, I have not had an opportunity to wear this dress other than work.  Suggestions on how to transform this for a nice evening out outfit?

Outfit Details:
White House Black Market Dress - Same in Different Color
White House Black Market Jacket - Similar
White House Black Market Earrings - Same
White House Black Market Necklace - Similar
Loft Bracelet - Similar
Ann Taylor Ring - Similar
Banana Republic Boots - Same on Clearance

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Bargain

I can not believe that January is almost over!  I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  This post is again my praise or love for Target.  They are debuting the Prabal Gurung collaboration on February 10th.  I will be honest, I have no idea who Prabal Gurung is but I am in LOVE with this collection!  I think I want one of everything in it.  

Here's the link of what's to come if you have not hear about it: Prabal Gurung for Target.  I am in love with the vibrant colors of this collection and the feminine style.  

A few of the bloggers I follow on Instagram snap pics of some bargain finds at Target.  And these heels caught my eye.  Why?  Because they were on sale for $9.88!  They are much more online so if you want to buy these, I recommend stopping by your local Target.  I also picked up a pair of emerald green flats for $7.88.  So how can I not love Target?

Outfit Details:
Loft Dress - Similar
Loft Cardi - Similar
Accessories Auction via Facebook Neckalce - Similar
Loft Belt - Same
Loft Bracelets (Blue) - Similar
Banana Republic Bracelet (Pink) - Similar
Banana Republic Ring - Similar
Juicy Couture Purse - Similar
Mossimo Heels - Same

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have officially become obsessed with the color mint or something blueish that looks it.   I like that it's soft color that you can wear with anything and anytime of the year.  I am glad to have picked up my 1st Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac purse.  So far, I am really happy I bought it.  It looks deceptively small but I was able to keep my cell phone, lipstick, Altoids, an out of control wallet & sunglasses into it.  

The last time I wore this top, it's almost identical to what I am wearing today.  I guess I am just drawn to this color combo with this top and my mind just goes on auto pilot when I dress for the weekend.  

Do you find yourself in auto pilot dressing mode with certain articles of clothing?

Outfit Details:
LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Top - Same in Different Colors.  
Loft Sweater - Similar
Old Navy Rock Star Skinnies - Same
Banana Republic Sparkle Stone Necklace - Same
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Purse - Same
Loft Ring - Similar
The Limited Bracelet - Similar
Groopdealz Bracelet - Same
Loft Bracelet - Same
Tory Burch Flats - Same

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Favorite Skirt

Still enjoying the heat wave we have here in Southern California which looks like it will be ending tomorrow.  This maxi skirt is one of my all time favorite piece that I own in my closet.  I wear all the time and surprisingly, it has finally made it's debut on the blog.  

This skirt is my perfect travel skirt because of it's easy of styling.  I love how I can wear it as a maxi skirt or pull it up to my chest and use it as a beach cover up.  I have also worn this a midi shorter skirt similar as this outfit but pulled the skirt to my chest.

So if there's a fire in my closet, this will be the one piece I will grab :)  Do you have 1 piece of clothing that you can't live without?

Outfit Details:
Loft Sweater - Similar
The Limited Scarf - Similar
J Crew Belt - Similar
White House Black Market Skirt - Similar
Kohl's Earrings - Similar
Ann Taylor Bracelet - On Sale Now
Loft Ring - Similar
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Purse - Same
J Crew Flats - Similar

Thursday, January 24, 2013

All in the Details

I am sucker for blazer/jackets. I probably own at least 20+.  As my collection of blazer grows and along with the lack of closet space, I am trying to be a little more selective in what I buy.  I need to start asking myself questions like:
 - Do I already have something in this color/cut?
- Can I wear it year round?
- Can I wear for work and weekend?
- Does it need to be dry clean?
- Does it require alterations?
- Is it a trend or classic item? If it's trendy - is it worth the $$?

I know these are such simple questions that I should consider all the time when I make a purchase but I am way too impulsive.  So when I found this blazer at WHBM, I asked myself these questions and the answers led me to purchasing the jacket.  Yes, I do have a couple of gray blazers but he ruffle details on this jacket made it so classy & unique.  I also love the darts on the jacket which is flattering on most body types.  The details on this blazer made it so special - that it came home with me.

Do you have a questions for yourself or rules when making purchases?  

On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to know if anyone has bought clothes from Boden? It's the Great Britian's version of J Crew.  The clothes are beautiful but I just have not taken the plunge.  If you have bought from them, I would like to know how their sizing and quality is.  

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Dress Similar
White House Black Market Jacket - Similar
Tiffany & Co Necklace - Same
Ann Taylor Ring - Similar
Tory Burch Bracelet - Same
White House Black Market Tights - Similar
White House Black Market Booties - Similar

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Red Tights

I am very late to the game but I have not worn colored tights before and really love how other bloggers are wearing them (Kendi EverydayCrazy Style Love, Tara Mix and Match Fashion and Always Maylee.  I originally tried these red tights with my outfit from Monday's post and it the contrast was too shocking and loud for my conservative office.  

I figured if I can probably start small dose that I may get a little braver in wearing these next time.  

What's your secret with wearing color tights without them being too loud?

Outfit Details:
French Connection Dress as a Top - Same
Loft Skirt - Similar
Old Navy Scarf - Similar
White House Black Market Jacket - Similar
White House Black Market Earrings - Similar
White House Black Market Bracelet - Same
White House Black Market Ring - Similar
Old Navy Tights - Similar 
Matisse Boots - Similar
Banana Republic Purse - Similar

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon

Call me a nut, I ran 39.3 miles last weekend in 2 days and this past weekend, I participated in the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon and ran another 13.1 miles.  

Here's the statistics for this race:
Total women runners: 10,553
My Place: 2,477, Division Place: 340, Women's Place: 2,005 and Official Time: 2:22

By completing this race, I earned a Coast to Coast medal which means I ran a race in FL & CA in a single calendar year.  So is the end of my running for me?  NO!  In fact, at the Tinkerbell expo I signed up for the Dumbo Double Dare in September ( a 10K and 1/2 marathon).

I love running with my friends and I typically run about 3-5 1/2 marathons a year. I hope that I have encourage some of you out there to try a 5k - it's such an awesome feeling to cross the finish line!

This Tinkerbell medal is so pretty.  Tinkerbell spins!

My Coast to Coast Medal!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Pirate

I am taking advantage of the warm sunny weather in Southern CA and dressing in simple knit dress.  Just a easy care LBD that I spiced up with a scarf used as a sash.  My hubby says I look like a pirate.  So matey agree or disagree?

BTW, I did another race this past weekend.  You are probably think I am a nut and maybe I am just a little.  More to come on that tomorrow :)

Outfit Details:
White House Black Market Dress - On Sale Now
White House Scarf as Sash - Similar
White House Black Market Earrings - Similar
Tiffany & Co Love Necklace - Same
White House Black Market Bracelet - Same
Banana Republic Ring - Similar
The Limited Tights - Similar
BCBGeneration Heels - Similar
Banana Republic Purse - Similar

Saturday, January 19, 2013

What I Wore on Vacation

I am extremely horrible at packing and tend to over pack and bring a bunch of clothes that I end up never using.  For this trip, I decided to be a little bit smarter and planned it so most of my clothes could be mixed and reused.  

I am pretty sure I am still not a great packer but I did use my jeans, jacket & scarf a couple of times which is more than I can say with most vacations.  My goal was use black and denim as my base so that I could mix and match.  Even my bag was reveres to a pink color.  

What are your tips in packing?

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Top - Similar
White House Black Market Jeans - Similar
H & M Jacket - Similar
Ann Taylor Scarf - Similar
White House Black Market Purse - Similar

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Top - Similar
H & M Jacket - Similar
Loft Denim Skirt - 

Outfit Details:
Loft Sweater - Similar
Banana Republic Skirt - On Sale Now
Gap Flats - Same in Newer Color
Ann Taylor Scarf - Similar

Outfit Details:
Loft Top - Similar
White House Black Market Jeans - Similar
Gap Flats - Same in Newer Color

Outfit Details:
Loft Striped Tee - Similar
Loft Scarf - Same
Old Navy Polka Dot Chambray Shirt - Similar
White House Black Market Jeans - Similar
Gap Flats - Same in Newer Color

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Goofy Weekend

As you know, I participated in RunDisney's Goofy's Challenge in Orlando.  This is a race at World Disney that you run a 1/2 marathon on Saturday and a marathon on Sunday.  You run through 4 theme parks and have the opportunity to take photos with characters as well as famous Disney World landmarks. 

This was my 1st time running the Goofy Challenge and the last time I ran a marathon was 10 years ago! A lot has happened in the 10 years and I was honestly scared that I would be too old to run this many miles.  Having turned 40 this past year, I wanted to prove to myself that age is just a number and that I can do this.  

Here are some pros and cons about any of the RunDisney events.

  • They are extremely well organized.  There was a drink station, first aid and portal potties at every mile.
  • Lots of great entertainment along the route.  There were bands playing, kite fliers, some guy jumping on a trampoline and of course characters for photo ops.
  • Lots of spectators not just from family & friends but the employees as well.
  • Fun running environment since there's a lot of runners that dress up so that keeps you very entertain along the run.  

  • Since Disney is a for profit business, they want to empty the parking lots ASAP.  This means that there really is not much post race in the way of buying food or merchandise.  You pretty much pick up your medal, take a picture and leave.
  • Running with 20,000+ of your closes friends.  This created a lot of bottleneck.  For me the 1/2 marathon was a really bad experience because I shuffled/walked the 1st 8 miles before I could really run.  I wanted to run a better time but the route was just too narrow for that many runners.
  • Catching the bus to the starting line.  The starting line was literally 5 minutes away from our hotel, we took the bus on the 1st day following the instructions and it took about 1 1/2 hour to get to our corral both in car & foot traffic.  The next day, we walked to the start & it was much happier.
  • Any of the RunDisney race is tough to run for a PR.  They are just too crowded and because of the fun atmosphere, many of the participants are walkers which in turn makes you run around people & that can get tiring very quickly.  Not really a con but just a comment for people that are planning to run the course.

Some statistics about the race:

1/2 Marathon:  Total Finishers: 23,126  Females: 13,128  & Males: 9998
My Results: 9,839th place, Division Place (40-44): 634, Gender Place: 4,334
Official Time:  2:34

Marathon: Total Finishers: 20,680, Females: 10,619 & Males: 10,061
My Results: 9,427th place, Division Place (40-44): 654, Gender Place: 3,884
Official Time: 5:27

Overall, I had an awesome experience and will do it again in a heartbeat!  In fact, I am running the Tinkerbell 1/2 this Saturday in Anaheim.  

Have you participated in any fitness race that you never thought you would do?

Below are highlights of my race. 

My friends & I before the race on Saturday.

Before the race on Sunday.  No crowds yet!

A glimpse of the runners behind me.

If I look extremely tired in this picture, it is because I am.  This is right around mile 26 and I wanted to make sure I took a picture of the Epcot ball.

This was the only character stop that I made.  The lines to take pictures were awfully long and it was so hot that I just wanted to finish.  I kind of just snuck on the other side of this girl and snapped the picture.  My son is a big fan of Mater so this one was for him.  

All smiles with our marathon & Goofy medals.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am back!  I survived my run of 13.1 miles on Saturday and 26.2 on Sunday in Florida.  I am glad to report that my muscles are fine and I am so tempted to run another marathon.  I will report more on the race once I have the post completed.

And I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of your comments on ideas on how to pair my nautical top.  Now this top will be put into great use!

Now on with the outfit...

 I am really bad about trying things on at stores that I shop at frequently since the fit should work especially on skirts - what could go wrong right?  Flash forward past the return date and I finally decided to wear this skirt, I am not happy with the hem.  I thought WTH, just wear it.  So that's the result of outfit #1.  I felt so frumpy in this outfit all day that I decided to get it hemmed.  I am so glad that I got it hemmed, what a difference it made me feel.  Outfit #2 is post hem.

Hemming seems so simple, I only wished I learned how to sew.  I guess it's never too late to learn.  Are you handy dandy with fixing your own clothes?

Linking up with Because Shanna Said SoThe Pleated Poppy, and Rolled Up Pretty.

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Top -Similar
Loft Cardi - Similar
Loft Skirt -Similar
Banana Republic Earrings - Similar
Banana Republic Necklace - Similar
Ann Taylor Bracelet - Similar
Loft Ring - Similar
Aldo Heels - Similar
Tory Burch Purse - Same

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Sweater - New Colors Here
Loft Jacket - Similar
Opposites Attract Necklace - Same
Stella & Dot Cuff - Same
Banana Republic Ring - Similar
Matisse Boots - Similar
Tory Burch Purse - Same

Monday, January 14, 2013

Orange You Glad It's Monday?

As you are reading this, I hope that I have survived my running weekend and I should be on the way back to California.  I am NOT looking forward to the long pain ride back home since this will cause my legs to stiffen and make walking a bit difficult.  I really am not glad it's Monday but I am glad that I have another short work week this week and next week with the holiday.  

I bought this J Crew anchor shirt in the spring and never had the opportunity to wear it.  I have no idea how else to wear this...please help me with some ideas.  It's a cute to and I want to give it more love.

Outfit Details:
J Crew Top - Similar
The Limited Sweater - Same
Loft Pants - Similar 
NameJewelrySpot Monogram Necklace - Same
Ann Taylor Pave Bracelet - Similar
J Crew Bracelet - Similar
Loft Gold Bracelets - Similar
Tory Burch Bracelet - Similar but in different color
Loft Ring - Similar
Tory Burch Purse - Same in black

Saturday, January 12, 2013


As you are reading this, I hope I am having the time of my life running in Florida.  I pray that I will be having lots of fun seeing all the fun costumes and Disney characters.  I plan to run as Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse for these runs.  I am hoping that I won't be in too much pain and will be able to share some pictures with you.  

In the meantime, I will have some fun dressing in this sweater.  


Outfit Details:
Old Navy Plaid Shirt - Similar
The Limited Sweater - Similar
The Limited Jeans - Similar
Loft Sunnies - Same
Kate Spade Purse - Similar
Jeweliq Earrings - Similar
Banana Republic Ring - Similar
Banana Republic Bracelet - Pink - Similar
Spike Bracelet via Groopdealz - Similar
Loft Single Row Gem & Chain Bracelet - Same
Loft Bracelet - Similar
J Crew Bracelet - Blue - Similar
Loft Bracelet - White - Similar
Loft Bracelet - Red/Pink - Similar

Friday, January 11, 2013

Chevron Stripes

As a continuation of my love for stripes, here's a post about a variation of stripes - chevron.  I bought this dress through InStyle Auction's Facebook page (link).  These pages host auctions each week at a set time and sells a limited quantity of items.  I have mix reservations about purchasing clothes from these pages since most of them offer poor description of the material of the clothes and the sizing.  I am much more comfortable buying items like jewelry.

I am happy with this dress (except it is a bit short for my comfort) and paired it with my trusty fur vest.  What Facebook Auction pages have you bid on and how was your experience?

Outfit Details:
Instyle Auction via Facebook Dress - Similar
Banana Republic Fur Vest - Similar
The Limited Earrings - Similar Monogram Necklace - Same
The Limited Ring - Similar
The Limited Druzy Necklace - Similar
Loft Bracelet - Similar
Matisse Boots - Similar
Groopdealz Socks
Tory Burch Purse - Same

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