Monday, December 30, 2013

Sequins + Velvet

Holy cow it's the last day 2013!! It seems to me that every year, time slips away faster and faster.  What fun plans do you have for NYE?  Before having a child, my hubby and I used to get all dolled up and attended fun parties.  Now, I can barely stay up till midnight.  

This year, we headed to my son's friend's party.  We are celebrating East Coast time so that the kiddos can toast without staying up too late.  It will be a laid back evening with board games and hanging out with good friends.  So no ball gowns for me.  Instead, I will be wearing something sparkly and comfy.  

Have fun and be safe whatever your plans are!

Outfit Details:
WHBM Jacket Similar
Mossimo Women's Cap Sleeve Sequin Top - Black Cat Same
J Crew Factory Necklace Looks Identical
WHBM Bracelet Similar
The Limited Belt Similar
Gap Jeans Similar
Unlisted Wedges Similar

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Week of Fun

I had last week off and it was such a fun week spending time with family.  Besides having the "Most Awesome Christmas!" according to my 5 year old, one of our highlight was heading over to the California Science Center.  The star attraction of museum is the Space Shuttle Endeavour Exhibit.  I have never been much of a science kind of gal and really didn't expect much of it and boy was I wrong.  This was such an incredible museum/exhibit!  If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting.  

Outfit Details:
Loft Lace Top Similar
WHBM Long Jet Necklace Same
H & M Knit Cardigan Same on Clearance
Old Navy Rock Star Skinnies Same
Shoemint Sienna Boots Same on Sale
Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Satchel Same

 Thrusters of the endeavor.

The belly of the shuttle.  Each piece of riveted metal thing (sorry for the lack of technical term) is uniquely numbered for control to monitor every square inch of the shuttle.  

 My little boy & his buddy waiting in line for the 3D Hubble movie...time to be silly.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday and got everything they wished for and more.  We had a great Christmas and I am enjoying every minute of my mini vacation.  Today, I am co-hosting with Renae of Simple Sequins.  She is such a sweet gal and has great sense of finding deals at thrifting.  Renae hosts a weekly linkup, Fashion Item Friday.  I hope you stop by and link up.

I am horrible at thrifting.  In fact, I need to post this dress I bought at a thrift store which was not a super bargain and it looked horrible on me.  Somehow, I got sucked into buying it and altered the sleeves and still have not worn it.  It was the worst way ever to thrift.  I think the dress was about $40 and the alterations were about $30.  Since my bad experience, I have been weary of findings gems at thrift stores.

So what do I do instead?  I try to find clothes that can be worn more ways than one.  That's like getting it 1/2 price right?  So I bought this vest from H & M during Black Friday/Cyber Monday which was additional 40% off.  So let's do the math, $49.95 - 40% off to $29.97 so that means I got the vest for $15!!  Why $15, because it's reversible!!!  See I am a bargain hunter at heart.  

For my thrifting readers out there, what is the best advice you would give to for a thrifting phobic like me?

Outfit Details:
H & M Reversible Vest Similar
Loft Preppy Animal Print Collarless Utility Blouse Same
Ann Taylor Faux Leather Panel Leggings Similar
Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Flap Hobo Similar
Frye Boots Similar

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Office Holiday Wear #3

Here's my final office holiday wear that  I will be sharing (look #1 here & #2 here).  Today's my last day of work then I am off for the rest of the week!  So I will take a few days off and will be back friday and be a co-host at Simple Sequin's Fashion Item Friday.  Renae is a super star when it comes to thrifting like finding these heels for $0.99!!!  I hope you will join me in the link up.  

In the meantime, I am starting to freak out since we still need to wrap gifts and this is my first year hosting a Christmas dinner!! I pray everything will turn out great.

Have a Merry Christmas and may Santa bring what you wish for.  If not, there's always after Christmas sales!

And Congratulations to Kelsey Bigelow!  You have won the Kensie giveaway!!

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Cashmere Sweater  Current Style
H & M Faux Fur Scarf Similar
Stella & Dot Brooch Similar
Ann Taylor Clasp Wide Stretch Belt Same on Clearance
Ann Taylor Bronzed Animal Jacquard Skirt Same on Clearance
Chinese Laundry Z-Alice Heels Similar
Botkier Valentina Heels Similar

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Path to Fitness - Week 5

Week 5: 143.8 lbs, 28.3% body Fat.  Weight Loss from last week: +.5 lbs,  Total weight loss to date: 2.4 lbs.

Week 4: 143.3 lbs, 28% body fat.  No weight lost from last week.  Total weight loss to date: 2.9 lbs.

Week 3: 143.3 lbs, 28.4% body fat.  Weight loss to date: 2.9 lbs

Week 2: 145.3 lbs, 28.10% body fat. Weight loss: 0.90 lbs
Week 1: 146.2 lbs, 29.00% body fat.

Exercise for the week:
Saturday:          1 rep max of dead life @ 195 lbs, 400 m partner sled drag @ 175 lbs
Sunday:            Run 4 miles @ pace of 10:05
Monday:           3 min per set: 1. run 400m & max effort burpees, 2. row 40 calories & max effort kettle bell swings @ 53 lbs, 3. 250 single jump rope and max effort handstand push ups on box and 4. 30 calorie bike and max effort wall balls @ 14 lbs.  counting only the 2nd movement - total reps: 37
Tuesday:          Rest Day
Wednesday:     5 rounds for time: 10 shoulder to overhead @ 65 lbs, 10 back squat @ 65 lbs, rest 4 min then run 1 mile. Time less rest: 18:15
Thursday:         Max Push Ups x 5 rest 90 seconds between sets: 87 on knees, 10 rounds of 12 burpees & 12 wall balls at 10 lbs.  Time: 19:41

I ate really horrible and didn't keep really good notes this week.  I've had some family health emergencies and even though my family is thousands of miles away, it has kept me very distracted and not focused on my eating.  These things happen and I will get back on it.  But this recent health crisis really has just reinforce how important it is to take care of your health.  

As part of this path to fitness series, I wanted to introduce new ideas and people that may have had some health issues and how they have changed or over came it. This week, I am so excited to introduce you to Francesca of The Nourishing Seed.   I met Francesca through my local Crossfit.  She is a sweetheart and is so passionate about what she offers and has a genuine gift of connecting with people.  She is a cancer survivor.  Francesca had cancer at 34 with a 3 year old.  

Francesca tells me: "Many people who recover from cancer want to forget about it and move on with their lives. Others feel the calling to help others get well or remain well.  I chose the latter."

Francesca is a health coach that helps people all over the world.  As a health coach, she helps guide and coach you to meet your health goals.  Francesca is launching a detox program that starts January 12th.  It's a 15 day program and you can find details here.  She is offering an introductory price of $57 rather than the regular price of $97!!!

I know that I've been consuming a lot of bad stuff in my body due to holidays and stress and I am so excited to start the detox program.  Francesca worked with a chef to create delicious recipes for this detox program.  I can vouch for her tasty food, she made some meals for our Crossfit to purchase and everything was so good.  My hubby and son also ate her food and loved it!

What I am really excited about this program is the support that I will receive from Francesca and also a Facebook group that will be dedicated to the 15-day detox program.  I always find it helpful to talk things out with people and see if they are experiencing the same thing as me.  

Also, check out her Facebook page.  She offers great tips for eating and balancing your life.

Of course, my goal is to lose some weight but also to regain control of my health and make better eating choices.  

I've already signed up and can't wait for this to start.  I hope you will join me here!  If you have any questions about the detox program, please email Francesca at

I was not compensated for this and this is 100% my opinion.  I truly believe in what Francesca has to offer and her desire to help improve people's lives.  

P.S. If you have any health issues, please consult your doctor before starting any program.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

You Can Win

If you haven't entered the Kensie giveaway (here), do it now.  I will tell you why…..because people do win these giveaways.  Before blogging, I never knew all these giveaways existed.  I have been following fashion blogs for about 1 1/2  years now and have won items several items.  I used to enter everything and then if I won it, it just sat in drawer than tossed it a few months later.  I know this may  sound a bit snooty but if I know I won't use it, I won't enter…. I figure it's better for someone that wins it to be super happy with the winning.

Just last month, I won this pretty necklace from Sira & Mara on Instagram and in the same week, I won  a pretty necklace from Elena of DC in Style!  And I got an email from Jessica of Jeans and a Teacup yesterday that I won a gorgeous Smartcouture necklace!!

So don't wait and enter! I love prizes where you select what you win!!  Have a beautiful weekend!

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Cardi Similar
Loft Scuba Pencil Skirt Same in Different colors
J Crew Cate Cami in Iced Lilac Paisley Same on Clearance
Sira & Mara Shine Bright  Necklace (won from giveaway) Same
J Crew Quinn Ankle Strap Pumps Same on Clearance
WHBM Bracelet Similar

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Office Holiday Wear #2

A few days ago, I talked about the lack of company Christmas parties but that does not stop me from dressing festive during the season.  On Tuesday, our office had a potluck and I had to sample everything and it was all delicious.  Now I will have to stopped eating for the next couple of weeks to eliminate the calories I have been consuming.  (I hope you know I am just joking).  I have been trying loose a couple pounds and have been posting a weekly recap of what I ate, exercise and my progress every Saturday.  It's been a really stressful 2 weeks for me so my eating sort of gone to the way side but I will get back on it.

Any who, the majority of these items in this outfit is not brand new.  I fell in love with this belt when I saw it at the store.  It was more than what I normally spend for belts and it's a lot of bling for everyday use.   I kept thinking about it and then they store had  25% off promotion and the belt came home with me.  I am always amazed how one piece of accessory can make everything feel new.

Because the belt is such an attention grabber, I toned down this outfit by adding the blazer.  The sweater also has gold threads through it so there's a lot of gold going on here today.

Happy Thursday and don't forget to enter my Kensie giveaway here.

Outfit Details:
Loft Sweater (last worn hereSimilar
WHBM Blazer Similar
WHBM Skirt (last worn hereSimilar
WHBM Crystal Stretch Belt Same
J Crew Necklace Similar
Banana Republic Maisie Metallic Wedges Same

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Remote Control

I ordered a remote and a tripod for my DSLR and these photos are my first attempt to using it.  Let me say that I DID NOT have fun taking these pictures!  It took about 30 tries before I got 2 semi-decent ones.  I usually take my pictures before heading for work which I am always already running late so playing around with it was not the smartest choice I've made.  

It was an additional challenge since my lens is manual focus and I could not remember where to stand when I focused the camera.  What are your tips to using a remote and manual focus lens?

P.S. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win an item of your choice from Kensie here.

Outfit Details:
WHBM Couture Pink Perfect Form Jacket (worn here & hereSame on Clearance
L'Wren Scott for Banana Republic Top Not available online - Shop the Collection here
J Crew Factory Skirt Similar
Nine West Booties Similar

Monday, December 16, 2013

Office Holiday Wear

We are in the thick of office holiday party season.  My company does not have hosts any parties but our little office is celebrating by doing a potluck.  Though it does not require me to wear anything fancy (just my standard work clothes), sometimes it's just fun to add a a little festivity to my outfits.  

I miss those days when my hubby's company hosts elaborate parties when I got to dress up in an evening gowns and have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.  Companies have hunkered down and those are the good old days for us.  

Do you work for a company that host Christmas parties?  

P.S. Make sure you enter my Kensie giveaway here!  

Outfit Details:
WHBM Blazer (last worn herehere & hereSimilar
Loft Jeweled Sweater Tee (last worn hereSame on Clearance
WHBM Skirt (last worn hereSimilar
Nine West Booties Similar

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Giant Polka Dots - Now and Then

I hope you had a beautiful weekend and is ready for Christmas which is only a little over a week away!  I bought this dress from J Crew Factory awhile back and I am baffled at why I purchased it.  I think I was suckered in by the sale price and my love for all things polka dots.  Looking back, I think these dots are bit too big and may look a bit juvenile for my age.

Anyways, here's how I wore it recently and it's funny how a different styling made me change my opinion of the dress.  I really like how the fall version turned out with the pretty scarf I received from Kensie versus the summer version below.  This scarf will be perfect to transition to next year since Pantone's announcement of 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid.  I really like how it pairs with navy.

Outfit Details:
J Crew Factory Dress Similar
WHBM Belt Similar
J Crew SchoolBoy Blazer Same on Sale in current version
℅ Kensie Scarf Same in Black & White
Ann Taylor Regan Leather Wedges Same

This is how I wore the dress back in the summer.  I didn't want to post these pictures because I look so silly and unnatural looking at my phone.  I think I need to just stick to staring straight into the camera.

Outfit Details:
Groopdealz Necklace Similar
Ann Taylor Belt Similar
The Limited Heels Similar

The wonderful people at Kensie is also offering you a chance to win an item of your choice! What a perfect opportunity to pick out something for yourself this holiday season.  Good luck!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Path to Fitness - Week 4

Week 4: 143.3 lbs, 28% body fat.  No weight lost from last week.  Total weight loss to date: 2.9 lbs.

Week 3: 143.3 lbs, 28.4% body fat.  Weight loss to date: 2.9 lbs

Week 2: 145.3 lbs, 28.10% body fat. Weight loss: 0.90 lbs

Week 1: 146.2 lbs, 29.00% body fat.
Exercise for the week:
Saturday:  Rest Day
Sunday:    Ran 6 miles.  Pace 9:44
Monday:   Crossfit: Fran 21-15-9 of Thrusters at 65 lbs, pull ups with red band.  Total Time: 8:45, 21-15-9 of front squat at 85 lbs and hand release push ups.  Total Time: 7:44
Tuesday:   Rest day
Wednesday:  Crossfit:  1 rep max Clean & Jerk @ 105 lbs, 5 rounds: 10 Kettlebell swings @ 35lbs, 10 burpees, 50 m sled drag with 90 lbs.  Total time: 12:30
Thursday:   Crossfit: 3 rounds for total reps: 1 min max wall balls @ 14lbs, 1 min max of box jumps @ 20", 1 min max of push press @ 45 lbs, 1 min max of Kettlebell Swings @ 35lbs, 1 min max of cal row.  Total Reps: 242
Friday:      Ran 8 miles.  Pace 10:15

Food Journal

Saturday:   Hard boiled egg & Persimmons
Sunday:     Hard boiled egg & apple
Monday:     Green Smoothie

Tuesday:    Hard boiled egg & apple
Wednesday & Thursday:  Green Smoothie
Friday:        Banana (before run), sweet potato hash & over easy egg

Saturday:      Kind Bar, Root Vegetable chips
Sunday:        Vegetable Chips, Brie cheese & crackers, brownie bites
Monday:        Jalepeno beef jerky, Snack size M & M, vegetable root chips
Tuesday:       Kind Bar, Honey Wheat Pretzel
Wednesday:   Hard boiled egg, powerberies trek mix, glazed twist donut
Thursday:      Powerberries Trek Mix
Friday:          Churro & Hot chocolate

Saturday:    Kalua Pig cabbage with 1/4 cup rice
Sunday:      Dim Sum (restaurant)
Monday:      Kalua pig cabbage, green beans & egg custard   
Tuesday:     Grilled salmon & steamed broccoli & cauliflower (restaurant)
Wednesday: Spinach Goat cheese salad
Thursday:     Dim sum (restaurant)
Friday:         Chicken pesto, spinach with regular pasta

Saturday:    Cocido Soup with 1/4 cup Mexican rice and 1/2 flour tortilla
Sunday:      6 oz filet mignon with green salad and Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
Monday:     Baked french onion chicken and steamed broccoli & cauliflower
Tuesday:    Baked tortilla crusted tilipia and steamed broccoli & cauliflower
Wednesday:Baked french onion chicken with roasted cauliflower
Thursday:   Chicken pesto, spinach, shrimp with zucchini noodles
Friday:        Bowl of chilli (restaurant)      

I didn't follow any recipes this week but this was a quick meal I made with chicken, shrimp and some frozen vegetables and pesto.  I rarely eat pasta any more and will use substitute such as spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles. Here's a great recipe from Against all Grain on how to make zucchini noodles.

Tough to eat clean when you do Dim Sum.  Life is short and it's about balance.  If I aim for an 80/20 rule, I am happy.  

This French Onion chicken recipe is probably not the healthiest choice, I replace my flour with whole wheat flour.   It's a quick meal and my boys really love it.

Lesson Learned
This week has been extremely stressful for me.  I live an ocean away from my family and we have a family health emergency at home.  I am frustrated that I can not just be with my family and help out.  I am very stress and have been shedding a lot of tears fearful of what will happen.  Please keep my family in your prayers.  With a health crisis, it just reminds me how short life is and things can change in an instant.  It just make me realize even more how important it is to live a healthy life because what you do now will affect your health later.  Please make sure you hug people you love and don't wait until an occasion to call and say hi.  

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