Thursday, July 31, 2014

Polka Dot Stripes + Eyelet

Wow is it really August 1st??  My son started 1st grade this week and it should be interesting year for both of us.  When he was in kindergarten there was no homework and this year he will grasp what going to school is all about.  I am pretty sure that I will be able to assist with homework for this upcoming school year but I am afraid of any projects that he will have to do.  I have zero patience and I am not crafty at all.  I have friends that can spend hours at a craft store and will take perfect measurements to cut a piece of paper.  Me...I am more a big picture kind of person and just go with the flow.

I remember there was a show called Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and I can honestly say no.  How am I suppose to help my kid if I am not smarter than he is?  

For now, I will distract him by asking him how many dots are on my top.

Have a great weekend?

Outfit Details:
J Crew Factory Tortoise Crystal Pendant Necklace Same
The Limited Belt Similar
Ann Taylor Edgy Eyelet Swing Skirt (last worn here)  Same on Clearance
Tory Burch Bombe Tote Similar
Forever 21 Posh Peeptoe Heels Same
WHBM Bracelet Similar
WHBM Pave Drop Hop Earrings Same

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

3-D Skirt

Technology has come a long way.  Remember fax machines, pay phones or Beta/VHS tapes?? I am pretty sure that my son will think these are all made up things and never believe they ever existed.  He has asked me what did I do before there was fire.  

I have been around for awhile and fire was invented when I was born.

I wished that there was an option for you to feel this skirt on your screen.  It's not soft and cuddly but  the stripes on the skirt are actually ropes and it's textured.  So it feels like a 3-D skirt with the rope design raised.  

What's on your list of things your wished was invented?

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Top (last worn here & hereSimilar
Ann Taylor Rope Stripe Skirt Same on Clearance
Ann Taylor Belt Similar Love Sign Necklace c/o Same
J Crew Factory Isabella Printed Bow Heels (last worn herehere & hereSimilar
Banana Republic Bracelet Similar

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back in Paradise

When I went on back to Hawaii, I spend most of days in shorts and tees and didn't take any outfit pictures.  This was the only outfit I took and what better way to wear this tropical hibiscus top than in Hawaii.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we surprised our son by going to the Disney's Auilani Resort.  We have been to the resort a couple of times and have always enjoyed our stay.  When we checked in they upgraded us to a one bedroom room with a pool view which  was a nice surprise.  When we got up into our room, my son was jumping for joy how big the room was.  We had a blast and wished I was already back there.  But in the meantime, I will wore my hibiscus top to take me back to paradise.

With all the beautiful locations, you would think I would have some great shots.  Well, you can take girl out the alley but you can't take away the awkward poses :)

Outfit Details:
J Crew Twist Back Top in Hibiscus Floral Same on Clearance
Loft Denim Skirt (last worn hereSimilar
Loft Sandals Similar
Merona Hat with Black Sash Same

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Pleated Maxi

Typically, I don't like to buy final sale items online unless it's a brand that I know how it fits or something that I've tried on in person.  I saw this maxi skirt online as a final sale for under $20 and took a chance on it.  The reviews said that it's super long and need to be 6 feet tall to wear it.  The reviews were right and I just hiked up the skirt all the way above my waist.

Do you take a chance on final sale items online?

J Crew Factory Banana Collector Tee Same
Sabine Pleated Maxi Skirt Similar
Gap Sandals Similar
Chico's Bracelet Similar
WHBM Indigo Beaded Double Drop Earrings Same
Loft Aviator Sunglasses Similar
Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Little Minka Satchel Same in Different Colors

Maxi Skirt Options:

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

First Blogging Event

I know that I have a blog but I don't really consider myself a real blogger since:
1. I don't wear high end designer clothes
2. I don't have beautiful background (unless you call an alley beautiful)
3. What I wear is not trendy at all
4. I am still awkward in front of the camera and have not figure out how to achieve the nonchalance look
5. I don't have a lot of followers (and thank you very much for those that do stop by and read my blog, I know there are many great blogs out there!)

So imagine my surprised when I was invited to attend an open house hosted by Shopstyle.  I debated about attending because I would be stuck in a lot of traffic (about 1 1/2 - 2 hours each way) and I was honestly a bit nervous about attending a blogging event since I don't consider myself as a real blogger.

I figured the attendees would all be young and so super stylish.  What was I to wear?  How do I act?  What if not one wants to talk to me?  You know typically fears for attending an event that you probably don't know anyone and then some.

Outfit Details:
Zara Printed Dress Similar
Ann Taylor Belt Similar
Nine West Brigider Cage Sandal Same
Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Little Minka Satchel Same in Current Colors
J Crew Factory Crystal Sunburst Necklace Same

So how did I do?  I survived my 1st blogger event!  The event was very intimate (maybe 20 people) and I did not feel old or stuck out like a sore thumb at all.  The staff at Shopstyle were all so friendly. And while I was checking in, Rita of Coast With Me walked in.  I was so relieved to see a familiar face.  Let me tell you, she is as sweet as she is on the blog and even more beautiful in person.

This was a quick program (only 2 hours) but I learned so much.  We had 2 guest speakers: Nikki Phillippi and Jeanette of J's Everyday Fashion.  Nikki covered the art of Youtube which is so foreign to me.  Jeannette shared how she started her blog and what she contributed to her success.

In addition, the staff at Shopstyle offered tips of creating collages, how to increase your SEO.  I am such a non computer person that this was so valuable to me.  

I did get a chance to talk to Jeannette for a few minutes and she is so down to earth and sweet.  I think we typically put people of a pedestal based on their success and imagine they would not have time for a small fry like me.  She is passionate about what she does and genuinely want each blogger to be successful too.

I didn't take too many pictures, I was busy taking notes.  So this was the only photo I have and proof that I sucked it up and attended a blogging event.  Would I attend another event?  You bet ya!  

Have you attended a blogging conference/event? How was your experience?

They also gifted a dainty key necklace to us and there were even cupcakes!  No pictures of the cupcakes, those were consumed very quickly by me.

Totally unrelated...but...

A few weeks ago, I posted this post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  I did order these Nine West Bridgider Cage Sandals and can report they are really comfy.  Here's how I wore them more casually with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a easy stripe top.

Outfit Details:
Loft Striped Tie Tunic Same
Loft Cami Similar
Old Navy The Boyfriend Cropped Skinny Same on Sale

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stripes & Leopard

So happy it's Friday and the weekend is upon us.  I know I just came back from vacation and should not complain but looking ahead, the next holiday is Labor day which is still 2 months away.  That is a long stretch without a holiday.  I am not complaining since I do love my job.

So here's a simple outfit to start the weekend of doing laundry and grocery shopping.  I hope we squeeze in a little bit of fun too.

Enjoy your weekend!


Outfit Details:
Old Navy Vintage V-Neck Tee Same
Ann Taylor Riviera Shorts (last worn here)
J Crew Reversible Belt Similar Necklace Same
Tory Burch Logo Bucket Bracelet Similar
Old Navy Faux LeatherTassel Bucket Bag Same
Gap Leopard Print Slip Ons Similar
WHBM Gold Crystal Pave Drop Earrings Same

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stripe & Allover Floral

It's back to reality today for me.  After taking a week off, I am back at work.  I normally take an extra day off so I can do laundry, grocery shopping  - you know not so fun stuff.  I have taken a bit of vacation this year so any vacation days left are too precious to waste.  Can I say that with the time difference and transitioning from vacation to work mode, I am tired.

My brain is way too tired to talk about this outfit.  Some days, it's just clothes.  

Have a great day!

Outfit Details:
J Crew Factroy Ponte Peplum Top in Allover Floral Same on Clearance
Anthropology Belt Similar
1 State Organza Skirt (last worn hereSimilar
WHBM Bracelet Similar
Prabal Gurung x Target Heels Similar

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Monday, July 21, 2014

$9 Dress

I swear a good deal always gets me.  Take this dress here, I got it from Old Navy when they and a dress sale and got it for $9.  With the warm days, it helps to have a comfy sleeveless dress. I originally had ordered this dress in multiple colors because it was so inexpensive and comfy.  I decided I was being silly and just kept this one.  

What great deals have you scored recently?

Outfit Details:
Old Navy Striped Sheath Dress Same in Black & White
The Limited Belt Similar
J Crew Factory Tortoise Crystal Pendant Necklace Same
J Crew Purse Similar
Tory Burch Logo Bucket Bracelet Similar
Forever 21 Posh Peep Toe Booties Same

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  My family and I are currently home in Hawaii where we had a beautiful service for my dad this past weekend.  My son understood that we were coming to Hawaii for my dad and would be busy with that and would have little time for R & R.  Little did he know, we booked a brief stay at the Disney Auilani Hotel and we are now enjoying the lazy river.  The surprise on his face was so worth it.

I bought this perforated faux leather top earlier this year thinking that it such a great edgy piece to add to my closet.  I have been really surprised that I actually use it more for work than on the weekends.  Here are 2 ways that I've worn this top for work.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

Outfit Details:
WHBM Ponte Officer's Jacket Same on Clearance
Ann Taylor Top (last worn hereSimilar
Limited Skirt Similar
Loft Cat Eye Speckle Sunglasses Same
WHBM Necklace Similar
Ann Taylor Heels Similar

Outfit Details:
Loft Lace Cardigan Similar
Loft Necklace Similar
The Limited Exact Stretch Pants Similar
Prabal Gurung x Target Heels Similar

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts today and it is like music to my ears.  I don't shop at Nordstrom often because the store is just way too big for me to navigate.  But each year when I receive the catalogue for the sale, I am so excited at the idea of purchasing fall items on sale!

If you don't have a Nordstrom card, getting one before the anniversary sale is advise since you can shop the sale before the public and earn double reward points.  I have a card that is linked to my debit card so I don't spend more than I have. It does help to shop before the general public because a lot to the items sells out.  I ordered this Chloe purse that I've been wanting.  My friend tried to buy it a day later and it was sold out.  I am still a bit nervous about spending this kind of money on a purse and figure I can return it later.

Here are some of the items on my wish list and may make it into my closet.

Have you shopped the anniversary sale?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lace & Stripes

I told you this lace tank is back (last worn here & here ).  Keeping it simple for a day of running errands.  I  carried a light chambray shirt to wear as a jacket when it got a little chilly at night.  

Have a great day!

Outfit Details:
Loft Lace Tank (last worn here & hereSame
J Crew Factory Tortoise Crystal Necklace Same
J Crew Bracelet Similar
Loft Shorts (last worn hereSimilar
J Crew Chambray Shirt  Similar
Banana Republic Tote Similar
H & M Sneakers Same
WHBM gold Crystal Pave Drop Hoop Earrings Same
Loft Tortoiseshell tipped Smoky Aviator Sunglasses Same

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I am really drawing a blank on what to write about this outfit other than I really like it.  During this mourning period, I am learning how to dress with limited color options.  I am enjoying playing with textures.  

I liked the mix of eyelet with the unexpected use of tweed here.  

What texture combos do you like?

Outfit Details:
WHBM Tweed Jacket Same on super clearance
WHBM Floral Top (last worn here & hereSimilar
WHBM Necklace Similar
WHBM Bracelet  Similar
Ann Taylor Edgy Eyelet Swing Skirt Same on Clearance
WHBM Heels Similar

Monday, July 14, 2014

White Pants

I love the idea of wearing crisps white pants but I am pretty prone to spills.  Take this outfit here, I didn't even make it to lunch time.  I have no idea what I leaned on but there were brown stains right in the front of the pants.  I guess I should be glad they were not brown stains on my behind and you know that would have looked like.  

I used to carry those stain remover pens and they were always a miracle worker.  I have no idea why I stopped carrying one.  I have a ton of junk in my purse but I don't have anything that can help me in a pinch.  Do you carry an emergency sewing kit or anything similar in your purse?

Outfit Details:
WHBM Top Similar
WHBM Jacket Similar
Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Love Pendant Same
WHBM Bracelet Similar
Loft Tortoiseshell Tipped Smoky Aviator Sunglasses Same
The Limited Exact Stretch Pants Similar
Ann Taylor Heels Similar

How cute is this sign?  I received it as a gift from a co-worker and it always makes me smile when I see it.  This is totally my motto.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

White Lace Tank

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone has had a nice weekend.  My weekend was filled with pool time with the family.  The weather is beautiful and the days are long ...summer is such a great time of the year. 

I wore this tank here and can I say that I have been absolutely obsessed with it. It just goes with everything and I promise you will see it again later this week.  Here are 2 other ways that I've worn it.

What was your highlight this past weekend?

Outfit Details:
Loft Lace Tank (last worn hereSame
Ann Taylor Trellis Lace Skirt (last worn hereSame on Clearance
Forever 21 Posh Peep-Toe Booties Same
The Limited Belt Similar
Loft Tortoiseshell Tipped Smoky Aviator Sunglasses Same
Banana Republic Bracelet Similar
J Crew Necklace Similar
WHBM Gold Pave Drop Hoop Earrings Same


Outfit Details:
Loft Gingham Seersucker Crop Pants Same
Tory Burch Amanda Fold-Over Messenger Bag Same
Jessica Simpson Heels Similar

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Denim Skirt

Do you own any cute cutoff denim shorts?  I have never been able to find ones that fit my extremely large thighs or ones that are not too short that feels way too juvenile for my age.  And that's where a good denim skirt comes in for me. I love wearing denim skirts since they are my answer to denim shorts that don't look like they are too tight for my legs.  The raw edge of this skirt offers the same feel as cut offs without feeling over exposed. 

Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time finding proper denim shorts?  

Have a great weekend!

Outfit Details:
Gap Tee Similar
Loft Denim Skirt Similar
BaubleBar Chainmaille Bib Necklace Same
Merona Hat with Black Bow Sash Same
WHBM Nadia Flats Similar
Coach Bag Similar
Loft Tortoiseshell Tipped Smoky Aviator Sunglasses Same

This may look like a plain black tee from the front but love the keyhole detail in the back to offer extra breeze for hot days.

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