Sunday, July 27, 2014

First Blogging Event

I know that I have a blog but I don't really consider myself a real blogger since:
1. I don't wear high end designer clothes
2. I don't have beautiful background (unless you call an alley beautiful)
3. What I wear is not trendy at all
4. I am still awkward in front of the camera and have not figure out how to achieve the nonchalance look
5. I don't have a lot of followers (and thank you very much for those that do stop by and read my blog, I know there are many great blogs out there!)

So imagine my surprised when I was invited to attend an open house hosted by Shopstyle.  I debated about attending because I would be stuck in a lot of traffic (about 1 1/2 - 2 hours each way) and I was honestly a bit nervous about attending a blogging event since I don't consider myself as a real blogger.

I figured the attendees would all be young and so super stylish.  What was I to wear?  How do I act?  What if not one wants to talk to me?  You know typically fears for attending an event that you probably don't know anyone and then some.

Outfit Details:
Zara Printed Dress Similar
Ann Taylor Belt Similar
Nine West Brigider Cage Sandal Same
Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Little Minka Satchel Same in Current Colors
J Crew Factory Crystal Sunburst Necklace Same

So how did I do?  I survived my 1st blogger event!  The event was very intimate (maybe 20 people) and I did not feel old or stuck out like a sore thumb at all.  The staff at Shopstyle were all so friendly. And while I was checking in, Rita of Coast With Me walked in.  I was so relieved to see a familiar face.  Let me tell you, she is as sweet as she is on the blog and even more beautiful in person.

This was a quick program (only 2 hours) but I learned so much.  We had 2 guest speakers: Nikki Phillippi and Jeanette of J's Everyday Fashion.  Nikki covered the art of Youtube which is so foreign to me.  Jeannette shared how she started her blog and what she contributed to her success.

In addition, the staff at Shopstyle offered tips of creating collages, how to increase your SEO.  I am such a non computer person that this was so valuable to me.  

I did get a chance to talk to Jeannette for a few minutes and she is so down to earth and sweet.  I think we typically put people of a pedestal based on their success and imagine they would not have time for a small fry like me.  She is passionate about what she does and genuinely want each blogger to be successful too.

I didn't take too many pictures, I was busy taking notes.  So this was the only photo I have and proof that I sucked it up and attended a blogging event.  Would I attend another event?  You bet ya!  

Have you attended a blogging conference/event? How was your experience?

They also gifted a dainty key necklace to us and there were even cupcakes!  No pictures of the cupcakes, those were consumed very quickly by me.

Totally unrelated...but...

A few weeks ago, I posted this post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  I did order these Nine West Bridgider Cage Sandals and can report they are really comfy.  Here's how I wore them more casually with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a easy stripe top.

Outfit Details:
Loft Striped Tie Tunic Same
Loft Cami Similar
Old Navy The Boyfriend Cropped Skinny Same on Sale

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