Monday, July 14, 2014

White Pants

I love the idea of wearing crisps white pants but I am pretty prone to spills.  Take this outfit here, I didn't even make it to lunch time.  I have no idea what I leaned on but there were brown stains right in the front of the pants.  I guess I should be glad they were not brown stains on my behind and you know that would have looked like.  

I used to carry those stain remover pens and they were always a miracle worker.  I have no idea why I stopped carrying one.  I have a ton of junk in my purse but I don't have anything that can help me in a pinch.  Do you carry an emergency sewing kit or anything similar in your purse?

Outfit Details:
WHBM Top Similar
WHBM Jacket Similar
Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Love Pendant Same
WHBM Bracelet Similar
Loft Tortoiseshell Tipped Smoky Aviator Sunglasses Same
The Limited Exact Stretch Pants Similar
Ann Taylor Heels Similar

How cute is this sign?  I received it as a gift from a co-worker and it always makes me smile when I see it.  This is totally my motto.

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