Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I feel so disheveled in these photos and it is because it was hot and I had just eaten my first macaroon ice cream sandwich.  On Instagram, macrons seems to be a great prop for popular bloggers.    They are always holding a box of macaroons in pretty colors waiting to be devoured.  I've had zero desire to try them because they look just very dry to me and prefer a plain old sugar cookie.

A friend of mine posted a picture of some amazing looking macaroon ice cream sandwiches on Facebook and it really intrigued my belly.  We were in the neighborhood the other day and decided to stop by and check out Snow Monster.  This place is in a very old nondescript stripe mall (I don't think it even had any signage up front) but the interior is very quaint.

We shared 2 different flavors: 
- Captain crunch macaroon with mint chocolate chip ice cream
- Espresso macaroon with Columbia coffee ice cream

I am pretty sure they made their own ice cream and the flavors and texture was excellent.  Since I've never had a macaroon before, I have nothing to compare it to.  I thought it was like eating any other cookie and really nothing special.  I will need to try another one to determine if it's good or not.  

What's your take on macaroons?  

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