Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Ruby Red Heels

These ruby red heels have been in my closet for a very long time and they have been a favorite for the perfect shade of red and the how comfy they are.  I don't wear them as much any more because the leather started to tear and I have been wanting to replace them.  

I swear that I have the silliest justification for things.  Who holds on to an item and not wear it as frequent because it is starting to wear down??? Probably just me.  I should probably just enjoy them and toss them.  

What silly justifications do you have for hanging onto things?

Outfit Details:
The Limited Collection 2-Button Blazer  Same
J Crew Factory Charley Sweater in Geometric Print Same on clearance
Old Navy Pixie Ankle Pants Same style in different prints
Loft Necklace Similar
Loft Aviator Sunglasses Same
Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Satchel Same
BCBG Tina Heels Similar

Throw Back Thursday: The first time these heels appear on the blog was June 14, 2012 (original post here) which is one of my first post.  Funny how 2 years have changed my perspective.  I was afraid of animal print back then and now I can't get enough of them.

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