Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Special Occasion

How many times have you told yourself, I am saving this for a special occasion?  I tend to tell myself that quiet a bit and I have come to the realization that everyday is a special occasion.  We have a gift of life everyday and we should not take it for granted. 

Take this dress....I bought it because it I fell in love with the lace and had zero occasion to wear this.  I was holding onto it for that special event to wear it.  That special day is today and I am so glad I wore it because who knows when that special occasion will happen and will it even fit me at that time.

 I won't get all sappy on you but life is a gift and we should enjoy everyday to the fullest.  As my son has been telling me...PMA (Positive Mental Attitude!).  

What item have you been saving for a special occasion?

Outfit Details:
Loft Lace Dress Similar
Elle Denim Jacket Similar
J Crew Factory Aviator Sunglasses Same
J Crew Necklace Similar
Tory Burch Amanda Crossbody Same on Sale
Gap Leopard Loafers Similar
Loft, J Crew & The Limited Bracelets SimilarSimilar

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Open Back

Deja vu....your eyes are not deceiving you - it's the same print as yesterday.  I guess I am really obsessed with it since I am wearing it non stop since I've purchased it.  When I last wore this top (here), I forgot to show you the fun open back.  

And now I remember why I don't do back jeans look horrible in the back...all wrinkly and no shape.  Hopefully people walking behind me will see the pretty cutout and not how ill fitting these jeans are.  BTW, I will continue to wear these jeans - they are way too comfortable.

Outfit Details:
J Crew Factory Printed Cutaway Top Same
Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans Similar
J Crew Cece Flats Similar
J Crew Belt Similar
Banana Republic Earrings Similar
The Limited Bangle Similar

Monday, April 28, 2014

Overly Sweet

This J Crew Factory print really makes me happy.  I couldn't help but to pair it with an equally happy pink polka dot top.  Overly sweet...a little but it made me happy all day and that's a good thing.

Too sweet?

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Top Similar
J Crew Factory Necklace Similar
J Crew Factory Printed Pencil Cotton Stretch in Emerald Pool Same
Prabal Gurung for Target Heels Similar

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Midi Dress

I am glad that midi length skirts and dresses are having their moment right now.  I don't own too many items in this length but I love the feminine vibe of it.  

Are you into the midi length?

Outfit Details:
Loft Dress Similar
The Limited Belt Similar
Ann Taylor Sandals Fun Alternative
J Crew Factory Necklace  Similar
Old Navy Faux-Leather Tasseled Bucket Bag Same

I guess I am not one for creativity when it comes to this dress....I wore pretty much the same colors the last time but with a blazer.  Original post here.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Work to Play: Leather Top

I never would've thought I could get away with wearing a leather top to work but I like how the perforation sort of mirrors the  pattern in my pants.  But this top is not the kind of images I think of when I think of leather tops.  These tops no matter what, is never appropriate for office attire and what I think of when you say leather tops.

I quickly switched up the pants to some distressed boyfriend jeans, a pair of booties and a little more bling on my hand to change it up to an outfit that's perfect for a night out.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Top Similar
Gap Jacket (last worn hereSimilar
WHBM Pants (last worn here & hereSimilar
Loft Necklace Similar
Ann Taylor Wedges Similar

Old Navy Cropped Boyfriend Jeans Same on Sale
Vince Camuto Booties Similar

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pesky Grays and Polka Dot & Lace

I have had pesky gray hairs since high school so I have been coloring my hair for a very long time.  When I was younger, I used home coloring systems and probably didn't do a very good job but it was affordable and convenient.  

As I got older, the grays got more resistant to hair color and I am coloring my hair about every   5 weeks.  I don't do home coloring any more and trust my hair color to my hairstylist and friend.  It gives me time to catch up with her and I always feel so good after having it done.  With a busy life, sometimes making time for hair coloring gets a bit stretched out but those grays drive me nuts!  

I was contacted by Gray Away to test out their temporary hair concealer.  I was sent a complimentary bottle in black/dark brown color.  I styled my hair as usual and then spray only where the roots are visible.  It really does the trick!  I love that it doesn't smell or feel sticky or anything.  It does washes out with shampoo so it is perfect for the last stretch before a hair appointment.  

These photos were taken a few days before my hair appointment so the gray were in full force.  I love that in these outfit photos, you can barely see them. 

Now onto the outfit - I don't own to many clutches since they feel too small to carry my kitchen sink with me.  Lately, I have noticed that my shoulder feels extremely tired with carrying a 20 pound purse.  (I am not sure how much it really weights but it's super heavy).  When I saw this cute little clutch box on sale, I thought I would give it a try.  It felt a bit odd to be holding something so small but my shoulder thanked me.  

For those that use clutches, how do you manage to carry so little? I only used this to dinner so all was good but can't see myself using this to go shopping.

Outfit Details:
Loft Lace Sweatshirt (last worn herehere & hereSimilar
WHBM Cami Similar
J Crew Schoolboy Blazer (worn herehere & hereSimilar
J Crew Factory Necklace Similar
J Crew Belt Similar
Loft Curvy Beyond the 5 Pocket Jeans (last worn hereSame
Ann Taylor Wedges Similar
WHBM Polka Dot Box Bag Same on Clearance

Sorry for the scary close up pictures of my gray hair!

After: you can see how much coverage it provided!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Emerald Pool FKA Punk Floral

I missed out on this punk floral print at J Crew last year.  I was kind of bummed about it because I really liked the print with all the pretty colors.  I searched on ebay and the prices were just too high for what I was willing to pay so I figure it was just not meant to be.  

Fast forward a year later and I am at the J Crew Outlet store returning something and I see the Punk Floral print everywhere!  And now it's called Emerald Pool.  They had this print in everything you can think of: dresses, tops, pants, cardigan, sweater, shorts and scarves.  I knew I wanted this print in the top.  This top is really cute and it has a cut away in the back and not very office friendly.  Luckily, my office is always a freezer so wearing a blazer all day is not a problem at all.  I also bought it in the pencil skirt because I figure I could wear it together to make it look like a dress.

It didn't hurt that they had a 50% off the entire store as well...I would say it was just meant to be.

Outfit Details:
J Crew Facotry Printed Cutaway Top Same
The Limited Blazer Similar
The Limited Skirt Similar
Ann Taylor Wedges Similar
J Crew Factory Earrings Similar
Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Little Minka Same in Current Colors

Monday, April 21, 2014

Skater Skirt

I have been on the search for a skater style skirt for awhile and the ones that I've seen have always been way to short for my comfort.  I think they are probably meant to be the shorter since a longer length would make it a a bit dowdy.  I think this length didn't feel too short and I like the faux leather.

By pairing this skirt with a lower heel, I think this outfit is more work appropriate.  I am really surprised that I've been wearing leather in spring too.  What do you think of wearing leather in spring?

Outfit Details:
WHBM Tweed Jacket (last worn hereSame on Sale Now
The Limited Blouse Similar
Ann Taylor Faux Leather Flounce Skirt Same
Ann Taylor Heels Similar

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easy Layers

For those that celebrate Easter, I hope you had a beautiful day with loved ones.  Our weekend was spent with having a great time with family and friends.  On Saturday we went to the Crystal Cove Beach Cottages where our friends had a cottage by the beach.  I totally forgotten to take pictures of the beautiful cottages which are built in the 30s and 40s and have been restored and available to the public for rent.  These cottages are each so unique and the inside is equally as charming and restored to the era.  An interesting Hollywood tidbit, the movie Beaches (with Bette Mitler) was filmed at one of the cottages here.

This is one of California famous spots for the gorgeous coastline and view.  You can easily spend a lazy day at the beach and stop by the Shake Shack who is known for their date shake.  I am not a creamy shake kind of person so I did not try one.  We were not very prepared as you can see below - we weren't even in beach clothes.  Regardless, we had a gorgeous day playing in the sand and tide pools. 

I was already wearing this outfit earlier in the day and forgotten to change my clothes to head out to the beach.  I do not recommend wearing skinny jeans that you can't roll up to the beach, I walked along the shore and did a little wet.  I may have been a bit over dressed for the beach but it was comfy.  I love this color block top and how it gives a layered effect.

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Color Block Shell Same on Clearance
Bauble Bar Necklace Similar
Forever 21 Call of the Wild Utility Jacket Same on Clearance
Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans Same on Sale
Ann Taylor Maura Leather PeeptoeWedges 

Here's how I wore the color block shell for work.

Original Post: here

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Menswear My Way

I am a girly girl at heart and is always drawn to feminine style.  When I saw this Pin, I really like the colors and the preppy look.  I love how it used menswear pieces but still looks so feminine at the same time.  I could never pull off wearing one of my husband ties' but here's my take of the outfit.  

Outfit Details:
Cherokee Cardigan Similar
The Limited Essential Shirt Same on Sale
J Crew Factory Multifaceted Petal Necklace  Same
J Crew Belt Similar
Banana Republic Leather Skirt (last worn here & hereSimilar
Sam Edleman Heels Similar

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paisley and Stripes

I have come to realize that I am addicted to pencil skirts in every color and pattern.  I am not even sure how many I own.  I love how they instantly make any of my outfits professional and yet I can still have fun with prints.  

Do you have a prefer cut for skirts?

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Top Similar
J Crew Factory Skirt (last worn hereSimilar
J Crew SchoolBoy Blazer Similar
Ann Taylor Wedges Similar
J Crew Venus Flytrap Necklace Same
Ann Taylor Estate Link Short Necklace Same on Clearance
Ann Taylor Estate Link Bracelet Same on Clearance

Monday, April 14, 2014

Graphic Tee

 I wanted to wear this graphic tee but wasn't in the mood to wear jeans.  I liked how the print of this tee sort of mirror these pants.  I have worn these pants only to work and figure by cuffing them and throwing on a denim jacket will make it look more casual.  I really liked how this outfit came together.  

What are some of your tips to make more dressier clothing more casual?

Outfit Details:
J Crew Factory Tee Similar
Banana Republic Pants (worn here & hereSimilar
J Crew Reversible Cork & Leather Belt Same on  Clearance
Loft Bracelets Similar
Chinese Laundry Wedges Similar
Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Crossbody Same in current colors

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pink Tweed Jacket 2.0

I talked about in this post about how I totally scored a $20 tweed jacket and then it ripped the first time I wore it.  I wasn't really looking for a new one to replace it but this pretty blazer from White House Black Market really caught my eye.  I liked the pretty fuchsia pink details and the gold threading throughout the blazer.  The blazer has a very classic styling that I can see myself wearing for many years.

Have a great Monday!

Outfit Details:
WHBM Tweed Jacket Same
WHBM Floral Tank Similar
J Crew Factory Multifaceted Petal Necklace Same
Loft Curvy Beyond the 5 Pocket Jeans Same
Banana Republic Ninah Heels Same on Clearance

Here's how I've worn my floral top in previous posts.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Orange Scarf

I don't wear much scarves on this blog but I just adore them.  I just love that they add another level of interest to an outfit.  Take this outfit, if I just wore it plain with the sweater and jeans I think it would've been kind of boring.  You throw on the scarf it just makes it a little more interesting. 

The downside of scarves for me is: 1. I am horrible at tying them.  I know there are some great youtbue videos out there but I can never get them to look as effortlessly as they do on the videos.  2. I have always take them off when I eat and 3. I start to get really hot in about 5 minutes after I put them on.

Are you a fan of scarves?

Outfit Details:
The Limited Top Similar
Old Navy RockStar Skinny Jeans Same
Old Navy Scarf Similar
Ann Taylor Bracelet Similar
Banana Republic Earrings Similar
Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Similar
Shoemint Stacey Flats Same

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