Thursday, April 16, 2015

Friday Fringe

With the start of the music festival season, this has me reminiscing about the time that I actually went to a music festival.  The year was 1999 and I was still in my 20s.  Back then, I listened to music that was much less kid friendly and loved Alternative music.  I still love alternative music but with little ears now, it's a lot different with my choice of radio stations.  I remember how excited that I had won tickets from a local radio station.  They sold out so quickly and never thought I would have a chance to go.

I honestly don't remember much about the festival other than it was super hot in the day and cold at night.  I did not care about fashion back then and have no clue what I wore.  I did get a chance to see Rage Against the Machine and Tool who were great performers and got the crowd energized.  

Seeing all the bloggers sharing their music festival fashion style, I have been wanting to dress a bit of boho even though it's not really my style   One things I have been wanting to try is something with fringe.  Fringe kimono, sandals, bags are typically seen at music festivals so here are some of my ideas to incorporate fringe in my life.

Fringe Purse

I think a good way to try fringe would be would an accessory like a purse.  I like that this one can be a clutch or a cute purse. This color is neutral which is perfect for the boho look.

Shop this Sam Edelman Clover Fringe Clutch and similar fringe clutches here

Fringe Jewelry

If I was going to the music festival, I would probably be in a basic white tee.  I add some fun with a necklace like this which still offers the fringe look.

Shop this Jules Smith Imitation Pearl & Chain necklace and other options here.

Fringe Shoes

These are not shoes I would wear to a music festival but they are just so pretty! Another great way to incorporate some fringe on a night out.  These would be perfect with a pair of distressed jeans with a basic white top.  These shoes make a great statement entrance.  

Shop the Schutz Carmen Fringe Sandals & others here.

Fringe Jacket/Vest

If this doesn't scream music festival ready, I don't know what would.  At Coachella, the temps are pretty high in the day and drops down 20-30 degrees at night.  Very important to dress in layers.  I love this outfit that the model is wearing this vest.  

Shop this One by Lamarque fringe vest and more here

Fringe Skirt

I have been wanting a fringe skirt forever, I think it would be so fun to wear one for a night of dancing.  I love seeing the movement for the fringe.  This is probably too dressy for a music festival but a date night or girls night out would be a perfect occasion to wear such a fun skirt.

Shop for this One by Lamarque Frida Fringe Skirt and similar here

This rounds up my picks for all things fringe.  Are you a fan of fringe? Are you attending any music festivals this year?

**This post was compensated by Shopbop.  All written content are opinions of my own.**

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