Monday, May 25, 2015

Softest Shirt

I always felt that we should have 4 day work weeks so that I can have 3 day weekend all the time.  My reason is that right now, I have 1 day to relax and then 1 day to do chores and by Monday, I don't feel so refreshed.  If I had a 3 day weekend every week, I am sure I will feel much more refreshed.

So today, I am much more refreshed and ready for the short work week.  For those that had an extended weekend, I hope you had fun and feeling ready for the week.

These photos were taken at California Adventure Theme Park which is adjacent to Disneyland.  We had a fun day of riding rides and eating our way through California Adventure.  I am a big chicken and I am not a fan of any roller coaster ride.  My son really wanted to go California Screaming' and there was no way I was going on that.  We convinced him to try Goofy's Sky School Roller Coaster and it was too tame for him.  We will need to bring a friend that is willing to go on the scary rides with him.

It was a cooler day so I wore some comfy boyfriend jeans and the softest shirt I've ever own.  I recently ordered this top from J Crew.  When I ordered it, I got an email that it was back ordered till the end of June, I was pleasantly surprised when I received it early.  I rarely recommend anything on this blog because everyone has their own personal tastes and preferences.  If you are in the market for a easy to wear soft shirt, this one is it.

Outfit Details:
J Crew Indigo Gauge Popover Same
Gap Jeans Similar
J Crew Belt Similar
Gorjana Zion Collar Necklace c/o Rocksbox Same
Nakamol Mixed Crystal Five Times Blue Leather Wrap Bracelet  Similar
H & M Sneakers Same

You may seen me mention Rocksbox in a couple of posts.  It's a monthly subscription where they send you 3 pieces of name brand jewelry to wear.  If you love it, you can buy it at a discount or you can return it for another box.  There's no limit in how many boxes you get each month and you can also go on the website to leave feedback on what type of jewelry you are looking for.  I was given 3 months of service and so far I have enjoyed the fun selection they've sent to me.  

To be honest, I am not sure I will renew the subscription after my three months.  First, I am always nervous about wearing something that is not mine.  What if I lose it, then I have to pay for something that I may not even have wanted.  Secondly, I already own a bit of costume jewelry and really do need any more.

The good thing about this service is that it's like Netflix and you can wear it as long as you want and then return it.  You just pay the monthly service of $20.  For people that do not like to shop or do not want to have a clutter of costume jewelry, this would also be a good alternative.  If you like the element of surprise, this service is perfect as well. 

If you are curious about the service and want to give it a try be sure to use code: Happinessatmidlifexoxo at check out for a free month of service.

I did fall in love with this wrap bracelet and purchased it.  I don't anything like it and the price point was what I was willing to pay for costume jewelry.

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