Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up: Disneyland

I have never been a theme park fanatic and do not have the desire to collect pins or any memorabilia from parks.  With a little one and many theme parks close by, it's inevitable that we go to theme parks.  A lot of our friends hold annual passes to Disneyland because they love going there for a few hours and don't feel rush to do everything all in one day.  

We have elected not to get season passes to Disneyland for several reasons:

  1. The annual passes are expensive. They start at $550 / per person and does not include parking.
  2. I feel if you go too often, it loses it magic.
  3. It's too crowded and I am not a fan of crowds.
  4. There's so much to see and do in Southern California that I don't want to feel obligated to go to Disneyland because I have the pass.
Sometimes, Disneyland offers promotions for park tickets and we recently took advantage of it and spent the day there.  I have no idea how these die hard fans to it but we were there from 10-7 and I was wiped out.  I don't know how people stay from opening to closing.

This post is not about fashion but more about what I recommend wearing on hot and crowded day to a theme park.

Without further ado, here's my list:
  1. Cotton! Think of fabrics that breathe.
  2. Light colors. Again on hot day, I do not want to wear a dark color shirt to absorb unnecessary heat.
  3. Light layers.  If you plan to be at the park the whole day, it will be chilly in the morning and hot in the afternoon and cool down after the sun sets.  It's a good idea to have a light sweater or scarf for those moments.
  4. Sun protection.  That could in the form of hats and/or sunglasses.  I totally forgot my hat on this day and I lucked out that the morning was pretty overcast.  A lot of the lines you are waiting can be outside and you do not want to burn your scalp.
  5. Comfortable footwear.  This maybe a given but I did not listen to my own advice.  I did not want to wear my sneakers that have more support because it didn't match with my outfit.  And by the end of the day, my feet was so sore and tired.
What are some of your must have when you know you will on walking all day and in the heat?

On a unrelated note, I don't know how people can looks so put together at theme parks.  As you can see in these pictures.  I look pretty ragged from the heat and my hair was a hot mess. I really keep my outfit pretty simple to make sure I am comfortable.

Outfit Details:
J Crew Linen Moonglow Paisley Tee (last worn hereSimilar
Loft Scallop Lace Riviera Shorts Same
Converse Similar

My throw back goes back to the last time I feature what I wore to Disneyland/California Adventure back in October 2012 (original post here).

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