Monday, June 15, 2015

Anchor Pieces

I have talked about this in the past about how I wear bright colors in an ultra conservative office environment. I used to wear matching color dark suits to work everyday and it's the dress code that most of my colleagues wear.  But wearing a suit felt too much like a uniform and I need to break away from that.  I still have days that I need to wear a full suits but those days are far and few.  

For days that I want to wear color and still need to keep it toned down, I reach for my anchor pieces to tone down my outfit.  Those anchor pieces would be anything neutral like these leather pumps and black blazer I am wearing.  My anchor pieces are also more office classics cuts to help with the office conformity without sacrificing my style.  

Outfit Details:
The Limited Collection Blazer Similar
Banana Republic Blouse Similar
Banana Republic Skirt Similar
Banana Republic Ninah Pumps Same in current colors
J Crew Factory Flower Drop Necklace Similar
Loft Metallic Fringe Necklace Same
J Crew Factory Crystal Shapes Bracelet Same
BaubleBar Crystal Mason Ring Same

Leather Pumps

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