Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up: Faux Leather Skirt

If you asked me 10 years ago if I would wear a faux leather skirt, I would said heck no!  Of course, back then it was known as pleather or fake leather.  Marketing has gotten smarter and coined the term vegan leather and made it hip and cool to wear fake leather.  

Not only was I afraid of anything fake but also the idea of wearing a leather skirt. I think I've always associated with biker chick outfit which can be a bit revealing and totally not my style.  I know better now that it's all in the cut of the skirt and how you wear it that makes the difference in the world. 

This faux leather skirt is a perfect fall/winter office staple.  I love that it gives my office look a little edge and still adheres to office dress code.  The key is to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple.  

Do you wear leather to the office?

Outfit Details:
J Crew Sweater Similar
Ann Taylor Faux Leather Skirt Similar
Ann Taylor Jessy Pumps Similar
Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled SquareTote Similar

Here's a throw back to November 2014 when I wore the faux leather skirt (original post here).

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Black Lace

Lace is one of my favorite print to wear, I just love how feminine it is.  I got this lace dress from J Crew a few weeks ago and love the black on black lace and how easy this dress is to wear.  I felt so classy in this outfit.  I think this lace dress can easily be dressed down with a pair of converse and maybe a plaid shirt tied around my waist.

Keeping it short today since I had a busy weekend of parties and I am not ready to start the week.

How do you dress down your dresses?

Outfit Details:
J Crew Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress Same on Clearance
T and J Design Gold Cluster Pearl Hinge Bangle Same
Gucci Clutch Similar via ebay
WHBM Bijoux Goldtone with Crystals from Swarovski Pendant Same
Ann Taylor Necklace Similar
Loft Sandals Similar

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up: Striped Pants

Last post, I had so many random thoughts and may have used up all my brain cells.  I prepare my posts on the weekend so it allows me time in the week to do work and things as needed.  

So this will be a super duper short post.  These stripe pants were such a great purchase this spring.  I still have not ventured into floral pants (way too scared of them).  I am okay with stripes since they are pretty much a neutral in my book.  

Are you into pattern pants?

Express Feather Print Barcelona Cami, Loft Denim Stripe Pants

Over 40 fashion, WHBM Perfect Form Ponte Balzer

Outfit Details:
WHBM Perfect Form Ponte Blazer (worn hereSimilar
Express Feather Print / Berry Reversible Barcelona Cami Same
Loft Denim Riviera Pants (worn herehere & hereSimilar
J Crew Factory Necklace Similar
Old Navy Purse Similar
WHBM Stretch Bracelet Similar
BaubleBar Mason Pave Ring Same
Fergie Rina Booties Similar

Bauble Bar Mason Pave Ring

Here's a throw back to April 2015 when I wore these pants to miniature golfing  (original post here)

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Random Thoughts

I wanted to share some random thoughts today. 

Random Thought 1:
I posted this picture on Instagram this past weekend. I am so guilty of comparing myself to others in all aspect of my life: work, Crossfit and yes even blogging.  I think it's natural that we compare ourselves to others but remember to celebrate the accomplishments along the way and don't be hard on yourself.  As I tell my son, as long you tried your best - that's all it matters.  Sometimes, I need to remind myself to follow the same guidelines.

Random Thought 2:
Fall dressing is tough in Southern California (yeah..I know.. #firstworldproblems) and wearing a blanket scarf, even a sweater with a cute button up is sort of tough.  I must say, I was so excited that it didn't hit 90s this past weekend and no hot weather predicted this week.  Things like this lightweight sweater vest add a layer without the heat.  

Random Thought 3:
I talked about my problem with having to eat on the run in this post.  Thank you all for your input and ideas.  Since that post, I have been packing a lunch tote full of cut up veggies with hummus, fruits, beef jerky and nuts to keep me satisfied.  I did the Whole30 a few months ago and it worked really well but it requires a lot of planning.  I am trying to be realistic with my busy schedule and I am following 80/20 rule.  Be good most of the time and don't be so hard on yourself.  I have also pretty much eliminated process food and sugars from my diet.  It's working good so far, I am down 5 pounds!

Random Thought 4:
I bought these Toms Wedge Booties last year and was hoping that I would fall in love with them because everyone that has them raves how comfy they are.  Unfortunately, they did not work for me and returned them.  I was in Target the other day and saw that all their boots were 20% off so why not check them out.  These booties looks nearly identical and it's 1/3 of the price so I took a chance on them.  I wore them to work on Friday (outfit below) and they are so comfy.  They are so comfortable that I went back and bought the black ones too.  

I have always been a firm believer in buying good quality shoes for styles that you know will wear year after year.  The funny thing is, I have another pair of boots from Target (see them in this post) and they are one of my favorite boots for walking. 

Random Thought 5:
Speaking of buying things in multiple, these pants (wearing them in the mint outfit below)...I just love they fit.  I also have them in white and so tempted to buy in them in navy as well. 

Random Thought 6:
Every fall I buy a new pair of leggings because they always seems to fade.  I guess I have been buying very cheap and low quality ones.  This year, I bought a pair of ponte pants and I think I finally found the holy grail of leggings.  They are thick and the seam adds a nice touch to it.  I have already wash them and it didn't seem to fade.  

What are some random thoughts you would like to share with me?

Mossimo Leisure Laying Vest, J Crew New Campbell Capri in Bi-Stretch Cotton

Outfit Details:
Forever 21 Blouse Similar
Target Mossimo Leisure Layring Vest Same
J Crew New Campbell Capris in Bi-Stretch Cotton Same
Sam Edleman Heels Similar
BaubleBar Ice Quad Ring/ Mason Pave Ring SameSame
DVF Purse Similar

WHBM Leopard Calfhair Purse, Merona Terri Lace Wedge Booties, Loft Seamed Ponte Pants

WHBM Leopard Haircalf Purse, Merona Leisure Laying Vest
Outfit Details:
Mossimo Leisure Layering Vest Same
Loft Top Similar
Loft Seamed Ponte Pants Same
WHBM Leopard Haircalf Satchel Same on Clearance
WHBM Leather Tassel Necklace Similar
J Crew Factory Cuff Similar
BaubleBar Mason Pave Ring Same
Merona Terri Lace Up Wedge Booties Same

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up: Camo Jeans

There are a couple staple prints that I wear all year long (stripes, leopard, lace and polka dots) and there are some prints that I stick to during certain times of the year.  I would say prints like gingham and pastel florals for spring/summer and plaid and houndstooth for fall/winter.

I never thought I would say this but I think camo print could be another one of my year round print.  I've had these camo jeans for a couple of years and have worn them for all seasons (well maybe except for summer since it's just too hot).

When I wore this outfit, it was a super hot day and to trick myself into feeling like fall rather than summer, I wore a woolly floppy hat and my favorite fall booties.  Wearing burgundy also makes me feel more fall as well.

Do you have prints that you only wear for a specific season?

Plaid and Camo, loft camo jeans, Fergie Rina Booties, Loft Wooly hat

Fashion over 40, WHBM Bijoux Golden with crystal from swarovski pendant,

Outfit Details:
Loft Top Similar
Loft Camo Jeans (worn herehereherehere and hereSimilar
Loft Floppy Wool Hat Same in Different Colors
Fergie Rina Booties Similar
WHBM Bjoux Golden with Crystals from Swarovski Pendant Necklace Same
J Crew Blooming Crystal Pendant Necklace Similar
Banana Republic Ring Similar
WHBM Wide Stretch Bracelet Same in solid gold color

J Crew Blooming Crystal Pendant necklace, WHBM Wide Stretch bracelet

Here's a throw back to Feb 2015 on how I wore these jeans in the winter (original post here)

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nice Shoes

I am a gal that always love receiving compliments.  They always make me just a bit happier.  I mean who doesn't love a sincere compliment.  

I wore this outfit to work the other day and it maybe a bit crazy for most people.  I can imagine receiving comments more like "Wow! That's a lot of patterns." or "There's a lot going on in your outfit.". 

I was walking in the parking lot and a man held the door opened for me.  And he compliments me....

He tells me....nice shoes.

Of course, I politely said thank you, smiled and continued my walking.

On my walk, I looked down at my feet and thought to myself...WHAT??!! How can these be nice shoes?  He has not seen my really nice shoes!  These are my most sensible (boring) pair of black heels I own.  I remember I wanted to keep my shoes pretty tame that day because of all the patterns going on.  I was so tempted to turn around and ask him why these are nice but that would just be totally weird.  

What is the most bizarre compliment you received?

Pattern mixing, office style, fashion over 40

Over 40 fashion, OC Blogger, leopard and plaid

Outfit Details:
Loft Grid Tee Similar
WHBM Leopard Cardigan Similar
Loft Plaid Marissa Pants (worn here and hereSimilar
Ann Taylor Necklace Similar
Loft Metallic Bar Round Sunglasses Same
BaubleBar Ice Quad Ring, Pave Mason Ring SameSame
Tory Burch Middy Robison Satchel Similar
Banana Republic Ninah Pumps Same on Clearance

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up; Ebay Skirt

I am horrible at thrifting and buying second hand clothes.  I have nothing against buying used clothing and think it's a great way to build a wardrobe of clothes that not everyone else is wearing and  is also good for the environment.   I just wished I had the patience to go to thrift/consignment store and try things on.  I shop about 95% online and rarely even go into physical stores other than to make quick returns.

I know that ebay sells new and used clothes but I rarely go on there to find things that I want.  This skirt was the exception.  I saw this on Lisa of Respect the Shoes a few years ago and fell in love with it.  Something about the skirt, I knew I had to have it.  I decided to try eBay and it was like the skirt gods were watching me because there was 1 skirt liked in my size!!  I figure why test fate and bought the skirt. 

I have been wanting to buy a used Chanel purse and was thinking about buying it on eBay but I am way too scared.  Buying a skirt for under $100 is not a big deal but when you are spending several thousands, you are a little more leery.  

Have you made any high priced purchase through eBay or other used item sites?  What are your tips on buying higher ticket items?

J Crew lace sweater, Anthropologie Yoana Barachi gilded estate skirt

Fashion over 40, OC blogger

Outfit Details:
J Crew Sweater Similar
Anthropologie Yoana Baraschi Gilded Estate Skirt Same via Ebay
Banana Republic Necklace Similar
Tory Burch Robinson Middy Satchel Similar
Ann Taylor Wedges Similar
BaubleBar Mason Pave Ring Same

Throw back to July 2013 when I last wore this skirt on the blog (original post here)

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Sunday, October 4, 2015


Sometimes I feel that fashion trends is sort of like history in that it repeats itself.  Each fall, we are all excited about fall and our fall "uniform" of scarves, oversized sweaters and boots.  I, too,  am excited to wear these items and what I like is that you don't have to buy new things every year to stay on "trend".  

Take these photos, I actually took these last fall and it never made it to the blog.  Oversized scarves has been pretty popular for the past few years and continues to be big this fall.  On fashion blogs, everyone is mad for plaid and I am sure my plaid fever will arrive as soon as it cools down. 

I am pretty sure I am not ahead of the fashion curve and tend to stick with safe purchases that can be used year after year.  Or have we become so monotonous with our fashion trends each season?

Pattern Mixing, fashion over 40, target leopard cardigan, target plaid scarf

Pattern Mixing, OC Blogger, leopard and plaid

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Dress Similar
Target Cardigan Similar
Target Scarf (last worn here & hereSimilar
Matisse Boots Similar
BaubleBar Mason Pave Ring Same
Tory Bury Robinson Middy Satchel Similar

Target Plaid Scarf, Pattern Mixing, baublebar pave ring

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