Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Day at the Huntington Library

In Southern California, there are lots of sights to see and enjoy.  One of the places that I love to visit is the Huntington Library located in San Marino, CA.  It is an hour drive from where I live without traffic which in Los Angeles is as rare as rain.  So this means, that I don't get to out there too often.

When you think of library, you think of a building with books.  This is beyond rare collection of books. The grounds is 600 acres that have beautiful gardens, a museum and a library that houses rare collection of books.  One of the rare books that they have is the Gutenberg Bible from 1455.

You can spend hours and hours roaming through the beautiful grounds.  My girlfriends and I planned a a nice day out with tea at the library.

You don't really have to dress up for tea there but I still wanted to wear something feminine.  Since I knew there was going to be a lot of walking, I made sure I wore some comfy shoes.  I decided on a floral top and a lace skirt for the occasion.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and a light denim jacket was all I need to spend the day at the library.

If you are ever visiting Los Angeles, I highly recommend that you visit the Huntington Library.

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I have never been to Japan or Washington DC that's know for their cherry blossoms and I am hoping that this tree is a cherry blossom.  I just love how pretty it looks against the pond and water fall in the background.

I don't know anything about flowers and the rose garden was pretty barren but I did find some beautiful blooms.  I love the names of some of the roses they had.  Names like girls night out, Las Vegas were some that caught my eye.  I wonder how I get a rose named after me.

The view from the Chinese garden.

I am not much of a patient person but I appreciate the art of bonsai trees.  I know they take a long time to cultivate to grow as intended.  I love how this bonsai looks like a forest.

How peaceful is this zen garden.

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