Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up: Black Shearling Vest

This past weekend we went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  My son has been begging since the movie came out to see it.  I did not want to see it back when it opened because I am not a fan of waiting in line and looking for the best seat in the movie theater.  Plus, the movie was rated PG-13 and my son is a young 7 year old.  He really enjoyed so I am glad we took him.  

I don't go to the movies much anymore since I prefer to watch them in the comforts of my home.  I remember I used to freeze in the theaters and always wanted to bring a blanket with me.  The last several times that I've been to the movie, the theater was so hot.  

I do believe certain type of movies are meant to be seen on the big screen.  For everything else, I prefer to watch them at home.

Are you an avid movie theater goer?

Fashion Over 40

Outfit Details:
Express Camo Sweater Similar
Ann Taylor Windowpane Camp Shirt Similar
Banana Republic Shearling Vest Similar
Gap Jeans Similar
Botkier Purse Similar
WHBM Necklace Similar
J Crew Factory Metallic Oxfords Similar

Here's a throw back to November 2014 (original post here) which is the only time the vest has appeared on the blog. 

Linking up with these fabulous ladies:  

Time for the link up.  I can't wait to see all the great styles out there! Please also link back my blog page to your post.  I really appreciate it and thank you so much for joining! Please make sure you stop by and check out all the great styles that are linking up too.

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