Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up: Plaid Slip Ons

I have been blogging consistently now for almost 4 years and I have been on the fence about quitting.  This past week, I was away from work and had zero time to read blogs, check out Instagram or any other form of social media.  

With the blog,  I have always stayed true to my style and adopted to trends that work for my lifestyle. I rarely put an outfit together to post for the sake of the blog.  So this is me in my normal weekend wear nothing fancy but totally comfy and functional.

Here's a few things I enjoyed this past week.

I did not dressed for the blog.  I always try to look ahead and participate in theme link ups on blogs or Instagram.  I normally do my posts during the weekend so that means I have to wear the outfit the week before to have the photos ready.  With that said, it takes some planning.  

I did not need to think of a story with my outfit.  Let's face it, we all wear clothes so that's the easy part.  The tough part is finding something of interest to write about.  I am constantly surprised that I am still writing though I am sure I've repeated myself many times.

It's okay to unplug from social media.  As bloggers, you probably want more followers, more comments so that sponsors reach out to you and and you get free things in exchange for exposure.  I am not going to lie, it's pretty fun to get free things but is really worth the hard work to gain followers?  I probably spend more time promoting an item than the product is worth.  I think I will just continue to buy my own clothes.   

Pattern Mixing, mom style

Mom Style, Weekend style

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Tee Similar
WHBM Vest Similar
Mossimo Jeggings Similar
J Crew Necklace Similar
BaubleBar Ice Twister Ring Same
Banana Republic Bracelet Similar
Target Red Plaid Slip Ons Similar
Loft Tote Similar

A throw back to September 2014 of how I wore these red plaid sneaks (original post here).

Linking up with these fabulous ladies:  

Time for the link up.  I can't wait to see all the great styles out there! Please also link back my blog page to your post.  I really appreciate it and thank you so much for joining! Please make sure you stop by and check out all the great styles that are linking up too.

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