Sunday, May 8, 2016

An Ode to J Crew Pencil Skirts

For those that celebrated Mother's day, I hope you had a beautiful day.  I did run the Tinkerbell 1/2 marathon and had a blast.  I will share more about this next week, I am tired from waking up at 3 am and just not functioning enough to write about it.

If I had a way with words, I would have written a poem about my love for J Crew pencil skirts.  However, I was not gifted with the talent of putting thoughts eloquently to paper so I am going to list my reasons.  
So here are my reason for my love for J Crew pencil skirts:

1. They cut of the pencil skirt is flattering for my body shape.  I love wearing pencil skirts for work because they are a good for my office.  They are appropriate and they make me feel feminine.  I guess that really goes for all brands of pencil skirts.

From a J Crew perspective, their skirts are cut in the right length for me and the fit is not too fitted so they are totally professional.  I know when I buy the No 2. pencil skirt, I know what to expect.

Fashion over 40

Banana Republic Cardigan Similar
Tory Burch Middy Robinson Satchel Similar
Nine West Pumps Similar

2.  I love the unexpected details.  The stripe skirt has a frayed hem, how fun is that!  I recently ordered this scallop skirt with grommets and can't wait to wear it.  Both of these skirts have details that are fun but not over the top.

J Crew Elsie Crack Leather Pumps

J Crew Cap Sleeve Floral Lace Top Similar
J Crew Elsie Cracked Leather Pumps Similar
J Crew Layered Crystal Necklace Similar
Zara Purse Similar

3.  They make the best prints.  When I first started shopping at J Crew, it was the prints that really drew me in.  I talked about back in 2012 in this post.  I miss this skirt and holding onto it and working my way into getting my body back into it.

Since I work in a conservative office, the fun prints really help to add a little personality.

Ann Taylor Wrap Striped Blouse Similar
J Crew Collection Skirt in Autumn Floral Similar
Charles David Sway Heels Similar
Old Navy Bucket Purse Similar

I could probably go on as to why I love them but I think I will stop here.  I know that I don't need any more pencil or any other type of skirts since I have more than one person will ever need.  Now if J Crew can stop making great prints, it may ease my addiction.

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