Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stuck in My Ways

I am going to be sharing a story today about how I am so stuck in my ways.  

When it comes to clothes, I have been one to stay with things that I am comfortable with.  I don't want dressing to be a no brainer and sometimes that means I use the same formula (color combo, pattern mixing or wearing the same pieces together).  

It may not translate to new exciting outfits for the blog but that's okay, this blog was never about forward fashion or anything fancy.  

These 2 outfits really exemplifies how I am set in my ways.  Because of the unique pattern and the colors of the skirt, I really didn't know what to pair with other the colors that's on the skirt.  So you can see how these 2 outfits are so similar.

So how this is just an example of how I am stuck in my ways.  Let me tell you how this translate to other parts of my life....

Loft Top Similar
Loft necklace Similar
Zara Crossbody Similar

In the past several weeks, my laptop seemed to have been possessed by a demon.  The mouse tracker on the laptop had a mine of it's own and I could barely get the mouse to move to open the browser.  Needless to say, this has put a big damper on my blogging and commenting on other blogs.

I thought I had a virus attacked my computer but could not figure out how to run a diagnostic without using the mouse tracker on the laptop.  I did some research online and read it meant a dirty tracker so I cleaned it with some wipes.  

It did not work.  

I was so frustrated and thought it was a sign that it's time I said goodbye to blogging.

I was chatting with a friend about my problem and he asked if I tried using an external mouse.  

That was the moment, I realized I am so stuck in my same way of thinking.  I got home plugged in an external mouse and viola!! I am back in business!!!

Now this is a pretty embarrassing story but it really goes to show you that sometimes it helps to talk things out and get other's perspective.

Express Barcelona Cami Same in current colors
J Crew Medallion Tassel Pendant Necklace Similar
Ann Taylor Bracelet Similar
Jessica Simpson Heels Similar

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