Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Throw Back Thursday Fashion Link Up: Cobalt Blue Floral Lace Top

My son loves to wear red.  If he is not wearing red, he prefers to be wearing any of his sports jersey.   I am going to digress a minute and share a story about my son and Olympics.  

Since watching the London Olympics games, my son has also been obsessed with gold.  He doesn't own anything in gold but says that's also his favorite color since it's the best.  We were watching the men's gymnastic competition the other night and my son kept saying oh that's so easy, we do that at gymnastics too.  I love his optimism and (yet unrealistic) his mind is.  It' the right attitude to achieve your dreams.

I love watching the Olympics and I am always amazed how incredible the human body is.

Growing up, I don't remember being partial to pink or any other color. I still don't have a favorite color I love but I if have to choose one, it would be cobalt blue.  I love it goes with my skin tone and feels so vibrant.  It seems to go with so many colors too.   You can see this post on on how Jeanette of J's Everyday Fashion has paired with 25 different ways.  

Do you have a favorite color?

J Crew Cap Sleeve Floral Lace Top Similar
Kate Spade New York Charles Street Small Haven Purse Similar

Throw Back Thursday Fashion

Here's a throw back to May of this year when I last wore this top (original post here) and yes with another pencil skirt.

Linking up with these fabulous ladies:  


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